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girl smiling in jugle wearing beach cover up playing with curly hair in Tulum Mexico

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Teaching, learning, travelling -- and writing about it.

What started out as just a high-school hobby, a forum for me to talk about benign far-away things from the inner me whether or not anyone was reading, has turned into a place where I can unapologetically be myself in front of all who care to join me. At first, I shuddered to think that I would ever want to comb the depths of my mind for the world to see. And for the first few years, I didn't. But over time I realized how useful my words could be not only for others but also for myself. Not only have I discovered that writing is my therapy, but having all my thoughts in one place where I can tangibly see my growth over the years––where I can tangibly see that it does, indeed, get better over time––was an unexpected and greatly welcomed bonus.

I hope, in some way, it can be the same for you too. I hope you can see my humanity, my struggles, and my triumphs, as a mirror to yours.

And, if not, maybe you can at least enjoy yourself in the process of knowing me.


girl smiling and laughing in jungle wearing beach cover up and bikini with curly hair in Tulum Meixco

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