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Hi! I'm Meisha


I'm the Founder of and Montessori Meisha.

I am a school teacher and Yoga Instructor and practitioner.

I aspire to be a healer, and in some ways I guess I already am. I want more out of life than a job and a family and I plan to one-day find myself in a position where I can make a difference and a living at the same time. I love to learn and read and travel and I spend lots of time taking photographs of the Earth and feeling things for other people. Every day I am re-born, more grateful for this journey than I was the day before. I'll share my smile with almost anyone and I've learned to love giving and receiving hugs. I'm both negative and positive, but my intentions are always good.

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How it started

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I started this blog in 2009 purely out of peer pressure, admittedly. My good friend at the time thought I should turn my love for writing into something that could potentially become more than just a fleeting pastime. At first I shuddered to think that I would ever want to comb the depths of my mind for the world to see. And for the first few years, I didn't. But over time I realised how useful my words could be not only for others, but also for my own self. Not only have I discovered that writing is my therapy, but having all my thoughts in one place where I can physically see my growth over the years––where I can physically see that it does, indeed, get better over time––was an unexpected and greatly welcomed bonus.


What started out as just a hobby, a forum for me to talk about benign far-away things from the inner me whether or not anyone was reading, has turned into a place where I can unapologetically be myself in front of whomever cares to join me. And in a world where most don't even know who they are, I can't deny the blessing that it is, or any of the chain-reaction blessings that have come from my candidly being nothing more, or less, than who I am.

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With Gratitude

Give thanks to all those who have seen me through these years, all who have left along the way, all who are just joining me on this journey, and all who never will. But, most importantly, give thanks for the ability and opportunity to just BE.

Neither this blog nor this 'about me' is all-inclusive, but it paints a picture that you can caption all on your own. Then, one day, when I die for a cause I believe in or from giving so much that I had nothing left, you can use these words to remember me. Until then, I'll be focusing on realising my mission and finding a way to cope and coexist in a society that I both loathe and adore at the very same time, and with the very same fervour.

I might, also, be writing a book.

My given name is Meisha. Welcome to my life. Make yourself at home.

Yoga and mindfulness

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While I don't practice yoga simply as exercise, I am always happy to share the practice with anyone who is seeking to improve and get in touch with themselves from the inside out. I am also happy to hold space for meditation and mindfullness.

If this is you, please write to me so we can organise a class, whether in person or online.

With love.

Share your thoughts

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Thank you for sharing!

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