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15 Minutes in Zürich 

The first thing I did when I got to Switzerland was take the wrong train. Nothing new. I’d done it a few times in Cinque Terre too. Except now it’s cold. It’s cold and I’ve got no sleep arrangements. And the language is nothing at all like Spanish. I also don’t have any clear directions on where to go or any internet access.

I obviously really like train rides.

Luckily it was easy to go back to the Zürich main train station–much quicker than it had been to double back in Italy. And thank God because I didn’t really enjoy standing out in the cold the most. I started thinking about how great it would’ve been if my Swiss links had worked out. How it would be to be picked up and the station by a familiar face. Feeling a bit of warmth in the form of an embrace. Being taken to a home, not a hostel, where I might even have a chance to get some real deal Swiss hot chocolate.

I didn’t stay in that reality for too long because mine never really looks anything like that, and staying there is only nice until I have to come back here … and board the train back to Zürich HB.

When I got there I did that thing that I hate doing: I asked for directions. It seems many of the Swiss people speak perfect English. So I went to the ticket office and asked which train will take me to Wollishofen because I was looking for a hostel where I have not booked a reservation but was going to try my luck because what else was I going to do at 10 o’clock in the night. He gave me the directions and also called the hostel to see if they still had an open bed. They do. And now I’m en route. But I have a five minute walk when I get there and I’m not exactly sure in which direction. I also won’t have an information desk at my fingertips. I’ll have to rely on my good old-fashioned inner GPS. Or maybe I’ll have to find another person to ask.

Wish me luck.

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