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93 Million Miles From the Sun

Time to yourself Time to be selfish That’s why you never fought for it At least that’s what I thought you said Time to focus on your other needs Find you, without me So I never thought you’d have this up your sleeve

I thought you needed to put the pieces of your broken spirit back together And something like that was hard to do in rainy weather Seek shelter Work on being better Try to seek out your own pleasure Not another hidden treasure Or someone better

But I guess that’s just how life plays out It’s harder to find it when you actively seek it out Hard to find the love we speak about And dream about When we feel we cannot do without

But it turns around when you’re down and out People seem to come around about The time your soul starts reaching out Not when your mind is screaming out And full of clout

So I guess that’s how it happened You moved on to her And, I started rapping You helped me open up my mind and let the sap in Express myself in a fashion That let’s other people grasp it

And in the end I know we’ll both be ok I can tell already I’m on my way To finding back those happy days Letting the love in my heart light the way No more doubt and shades of grey No more clouds to take the sun away No more reasons to be afraid So in spite of all the noise you made And all the lies you gave All the negative things you had to say I still appreciate

You, for making me this way

#Poetry #Love #lies #heartbreak #93millionmilesfromthesun

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