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A Cold and Rainy Combination

My emotional high this week came from the fact that my story made the front page of the Wentworth Courier–the biggest publication in the Eastern subs.

That’s right. I came all the way from America to land a front page spot!

Now, I assume these are common happenings for a journalist, but I also assume that each time it still brings the same sense of fulfilment. There’s nothing better than seeing your hard work pay off in the form of something you can be proud to show.

Aside from that, it has been another week of bad weather and mostly staying indoors. It has also been the coldest week thus far; making a nasty cold-rain combination.

On such dreary days it is hard enough to get out of bed much less wait at the bus stop until the bus driver decides he wants to show up. It hasn’t been so bad going to and from work, since buses run more frequently during the week. But going to church this morning was a pain. I had to stand in 20+ km winds and rain for half an hour, because the bus before was earlier than scheduled. (Which by the way only ever happens whenever I am on time or a second late–but never while I am early.) I ended up being about 20 minutes late for the 9 am church service and missed the first and second readings and the Gospel.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate public transportation?

It was faith and determination alone that got me out of bed in that weather, so I am glad that at the very least I got there in time for communion.

Thankfully, the church is huge so no one paid much attention to my lateness. In fact, there were people who showed up after I did and simply stood by the entrance. Last time I managed to slip right into the seats closest to the entrance, which is probably where they wanted to go, but this time I had to walk to the middle section because the choir filled those seats. (They apparently only sing on the second Sunday of the month.)

Nonetheless, I’ve got to take some time to obsess over the beauty of the church. If there is anything in Sydney that reminds me of England, besides the names of course, it is St. Mary’s Cathedral. The architecture is so intricate and it is just absolutely gorgeous both inside and out.

Unfortunately, no photos are allowed inside so I will have to rely on memory and language alone to do it justice, meanwhile you get to judge the book by its cover.

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