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A Life Worth Living

There’s a genocide going on in America.

It’s not the senseless “shooting” inside an Aurora Colorado movie theatre that killed 12 people, or the “devastating” staged shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary School that supposedly killed 26.

This genocide is real. And it’s killing more than a million innocent people every year — some being dragged out of their home and ripped apart limb by limb before they even get a chance to make a sound.

Before they even get a chance to open their eyes for the first time.

This genocide … is abortion.

It happens so often and is so seemingly normal these days that you have to wonder if people really realise what they are doing. You have to wonder if people ever really took another person’s life into consideration before making the selfish decision to end it. (Or, before they decided to create it in the first place.)

More than 1,200,000 abortions happen in the U.S. every year. Forty-two million abortions happen in the world every year. One hundred and fifty thousand babies are killed every day.

One hundred and fifty thousand.


That means that around 20 percent of the world’s pregnancies end in abortion. Forty two million people don’t get a chance to be people. They don’t get a chance to hear music. To eat food. Feel pain.. Fall in love.. Laugh.. Cry.. Smile..


They don’t even get to finish putting themselves together.


Because two careless people chose not to deal with the consequences of their actions; majority of whom willingly engaged in risky activity. Two people who know exactly what the consequences are before they commit the action. Two people who are armed with a barrage of easily accessible options to preventing pregnancy.

I. Am. Disgusted.

I have always been on the fence when it comes to the abortion topic, leaning more toward the pro-life side of the grass but still a little confused because as with every rule, it’s always easy to come up with an exception. “Oh what about rape? What about incest? What about the mother’s health?”

Well, what about it? Other than the fact that those are very rare instances? If you ask me, we are worried about the wrong shit. We wouldn’t have to focus so much on these exceptions if we simply taught people not to do those things, instead of teaching them that there’s a way out. Don’t rape. Don’t have sex. Use protection. It’s not a choice between soda and juice. You’re not choosing an outfit for the day or choosing which school you want to attend.

This is a life. A human being.

If it’s the mother or baby’s health you’re worried about, then it’s not really a choice, is it? And if you were raped or abused, as terrible as that is, then you had time to grab a plan B. Punish the rapist, not the child.

Otherwise, how can we really expect people to value life and believe that murder is wrong when there are so many lives being taken every day just because people want to be selfish and irresponsible? Abortion is no different from walking into a crowded movie theatre and opening fire. It’s no different from drowning your child in the tub or throwing him or her in a dumpster, or shooting your teenager because you have the choice or because you don’t feel like caring for him or her anymore or you don’t love the person you had sex with or you’re not “financially stable”.

Or because you’re just recklessly selfish.

And we are all “outraged” by those stories when we hear them, aren’t we?

Well, the only difference is that with abortion you haven’t seen a face yet. You haven’t touched them, or looked them in the eye. Felt their skin or their heartbeat. That’s the only reason 1.2 million women are able to sleep at night — most of whom opened their legs willingly and put themselves in the position to conceive.

Prevention is better than a cure.

If men and women of child-bearing age don’t feel like they are capable or willing to care for another human being, then they should make sure to not let it happen. If you don’t want to get robbed you don’t walk around bad areas with a stash of money in your hand late at night. If you don’t want to get struck by lightning, you don’t walk outside during a thunderstorm. If you don’t want to get hit by a car, you don’t cross the street when the light is green.

And if you don’t want to get pregnant then don’t have unprotected sex. (Since it seems preposterous to say “just keep your legs closed and your pants zipped.”)

It’s simple logic.

If we don’t want people to have abortions, then teach them how to prevent it. Focus more on what they can to do avoid pregnancy, than on what they can do to “solve the problem.” Pregnancy is not a “problem.” And killing a baby is not a problem-solver. If someone in your life is causing you trouble and you don’t feel like dealing with them, do you just pull out a gun and kill them? No. You find ways to work around it.

You can sugarcoat it all you want, but abortion is murder. And my issue is that it should not even be an option, let alone a widely accepted “solution” for a sexually reckless populace. Make people believe they have no choice but to care for the child once they have been blessed with one, and maybe then they would have more self-control and be more considerate in the first place.

It’s just like Mike Huckabee said, we wouldn’t have to worry about making exceptions to rules if we simply practice and teach people to follow the age-old rule that everyone already knows: Thou shall not kill.

I can’t imagine not giving him a chance at life. He brings me so much joy … and he’s not even mine.

(FYI, There are FIVE times as many women who are unable to get pregnant as there are abortions.)

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