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A Memorial Fit for a King

Just a little after 1pm Eastern Time today, July 7 2009, a memorial service for Michael Joseph Jackson was held at the Los Angeles Staple Centre; and what a heartfelt memorial it was. I write this today with tears in my eyes, yet again, for the King of Entertainment.

Everyone has his or her own opinion on what part was most heartfelt, amazing, touching.. But I think everyone can agree that the show, in its entirety, was worth every second of the 3 hours that we all willingly and easily devoted to a man who had devoted his entire life to “Heal the World.” It was hardest for me when Paris Katherine Jackson went up on stage for the first time ever. She was surrounded by the now Jackson 4, and the two sisters Latoya and Janet – all trying to subside the pain so they could thank everyone for the outstanding tribute, and tell Michael they love him. Much in contrast from the BET awards, which was unfortunately completely revamped within three days, this memorial was very well put together and suited someone of Michael Jackson’s calibre.

I was actually sitting in a Chinese restaurant eating my favourite food and believe it or not, I was practically dragged out of the house to do so. (It was not part of my plan to miss such a monumental memorial.) Nevertheless, I watched the beginning from my house, listened to it on hot 105 on the way to the restaurant and luckily, when I got there it was on the TV. So first, I had no image, and then I had no sound. Well, they say the best things in life can’t be seen or touched, but felt with the heart. So now I ask, have you ever closed your eyes when listening to music? And when I say music, I mean MUSIC. You know, the kind that makes you feel good, and has meaningful lyrics. The kind that actually makes you want to close your eyes; so you can hear every key on the piano, and every note from the percussion. Well, people seem to forget, but that is what music is supposed to do; make you feel good.

So as they say, everything happens for a reason. I guess that is why I was taken from in front of my television. That is why when Brooke Shields gave her speech, I was listening to it on the radio. Maybe that is what made it so much better. I’ve been to plenty of memorials and funerals, and I found it astonishing that she was able to deliver that speech about someone she loved, so soon after, and in front of millions. I found it even more astonishing that I was able to feel her tears through the radio as she spoke about Michael’s favourite book, and gave me my new favourite quote “Eyes are blind; you must look with the heart for what is most important is invisible.” Fits perfectly into my message doesn’t it? I think Michael is smiling from his grave. He would have been proud to see how everyone came together in love and unity, and even more proud to see that they smiled, “even though their hearts were aching.”

Well, after this memorial, I hope that he can finally rest in peace. I hope the world can remember his remarkable music and humanitarian ways as his legacy, and not his personal life. I also hope that they will allow his children to live. Sometimes I have to wonder if the media does not realise the magnanimous impact they can have on a child’s life; or maybe they just don’t care. It’s like that old quote “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

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