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All I Want Is Durian

Despite the fact that I couldn’t wait to come back here and eat the food, I have been inadvertently on a fruit fast.

This was not my intention or part of my plan, but I came in time for mangosteen, rambutan, and durian seasons so honestly, cooked food can wait.

Perhaps this has been contributing to my lack of energy, or perhaps just that time of the month, but I spent all day at home yesterday. I don’t even know how the day passed. I did absolutely nothing except try to not move too much so as to not wake up any pain. I succeeded at this. And when I finally felt like I was on the other side of it I managed to muster up the energy to go pick up my laundry. It was a must because otherwise she would be gone for 2 weeks.

It was truly all I could handle.

Today has been better. I woke up and got the day started by heading down to the beach. I met up with a friend and we walked up and down until I almost hit my limit and then we went for açai bowls. After that we went our separate ways, her to rehearse for a show and me to finally get that memory card for my GoPro and a new suitcase to fit all the things I’d be bringing back. So much for travelling light. We then met up again to go north, determined to bring Acro to our “posh” neighbours who never intermingle with us southerners. It’s interesting how each community stays within its boundaries. The island isn’t really big enough for it to be justifiable, and I really wonder how people don’t get bored of repeating the same life and seeing the same faces day after day.

At any rate, we checked about 3 beaches before we finally settled on the one where we would play. The other two were nice enough, but the audience was lacking. We were hoping to recruit some onlookers. (Need more bases!) This was all in good fun of course, and we weren’t really serious about performing, we just wanted to merge all the things we like into one day. That being said, I had to pull over and get some durian to see if I could convert her into a lover like me. After a few bites and several minutes, the durian high started to hit. She looked over at me in all seriousness and said “Is it normal to feel a bit high?”

Why, yes. It is. I can’t really explain why. But it happens.

We rode that high all the way through our Acro practice and then ended the evening at a Latin night event on the beach nearby, which is on the way back to our side of the island. It was pretty empty there but it didn’t take long for me to realise I had walked in with a dance celebrity. Watching my friend transform on the dance floor was really a sight to be seen. I felt like I could watch her dance all day. She stole the show in the most unassuming way and very quickly started to show a queue of girls a few moves—including me.

There are few places that make me as uncomfortable as a dance floor. But I let her guide me through one song before sitting back down. Shortly after that, we left. She was pleased to have ended the night in this way, and by extension so was I.

Another day in Phuket, full of surprises.

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