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And So It Begins

Day one and Brother Unlucky is up and running.

Upon being overly excited with finally being 21, he decided to take his first Friday as a “grown man” to go out and party. There is no problem with that, other than the fact that the biggest party weekend in Jamaica is currently in full effect about an hour away in Negril. What does that mean? No one is here. So why go out? But brother unlucky does not listen; and after a boring night out he left the party early and headed home.

Well, remember when I said you can’t take your eyes off the road for a second? I wasn’t kidding. The split second he decided to look down, to put away the blackberry, he fell right into a pothole “six foot six deep.” Needless to say, it murdered the back right tyre of The Beast and burst the oil filter. He came home fully panicked and woke me up with his 20 minute phone call that gave me a bit of insight into what happened. All I could do in the middle of my sleep, was roll over and say “wow.” I think I even shook my head.

According to him, he “did everything right” last night. No drinking, drove slowly, and left early. Sure he did everything right, everything except keeping his eyes on the road.

On the plus side, I guess it could have been worse. My favourite car could have been totaled. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that he could have been badly injured. Now that he is on his way to Negril, no he is not driving, I think we should take a moment to pray, or to just cross our fingers for all the Negril dreamers and ATI-ers, and for him too of course. I loaned him my Ed Hardy hat and I am worrying already.

Stay tuned; Brother Unlucky can always give me something to write about.

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