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And then what

There’s no easy way to follow up my last post so I’m just going to do it. Life doesn’t dull when you come out, and the high lasts—especially if you keep up the practice. But somehow whatever else I have to say about my trip feels significantly less important.

I’ll write about it still.

After I got back to Phuket from the mediation centre, I went straight back into my routine of acro and massage. It’s funny to say that the first thing you’ll want after two weeks meditating is a good massage, because it would seem as if you’ll come out completely aligned and relaxed. This is because most people now have some sort of glamorised version of meditation, whereby you’re totally relaxed and in a dream state where nothing matters and all there is is light. This should be the case mentally and emotionally, of course, but after years of practice. In the mean time, physically, it hurts. Emotionally and mentally too. But physically, if you think about it, you’re sitting for a very long time in the same position on the floor. You are not on a comfortable chair and you’re also not laying down. It’s a sitting meditation. Not nap time.  It is challenging.

So yes, a massage was first on my list. I know they must’ve started growing concerned about the fact that they hadn’t seen me in so long. I’ve otherwise made it a point to go for a massage at least twice a week since I’ve been here. Gotta take full advantage while I can. I didn’t rest long in Phuket though, as it was time to move on to my next destination: Koh Phangan.

I’m writing this to you now from the ferry back to the mainland where I’d begin my drive back to Phuket for the last leg of my trip. I’ve just spent the last 6 days on the enchanting island of Phangan doing acro and eating lots of delicious food. The food was the real reason I went if we’re being honest here. I had hoped to also get into some classes or workshops, or do some dancing or kirtans. Surely a bit of yoga. But none of that came to fruition. And I’m ok with it. I got the chance to rest after the intense meditation time in Kanchanaburi and to bond with a long time friend whose had a similar experience and who I can talk to about both Thailand and Jamaica. I also did a bit of shopping, went diving, and got a few massages. It was also quite nice to see old friends there as well.

In fact, the trip threw a bit of a spanner in the works for my conclusion about living in Thailand. I hadn’t expected for it to give me new considerations, but it never happens by plan does it? At any rate, it was a great trip. Tiffany and I even managed to work ourselves up to go to the notorious full moon party, after debating and laying in bed for 1.5 hours thinking about if we really wanted to do it. In the end, it wasn’t even a fraction of the wildness that I’d heard it to be and I could only imagine what people would say about my people if they came to an ATI or Dream weekend. The dancing alone is wildly inappropriate, not to mention the music. This was very tame in comparison. All I saw were people having fun. Albeit, not my kind of fun but I’m glad I finally went and got to observe it.

We didn’t stay for very long, maybe that’s why we missed the crazy, and driving there and back was a breeze. Now I can finally say: yes, I’ve been. Four years later, but I made it.

Otherwise, I had to rebook my return ticket because my flight out of Thailand has been cancelled. Apparently Japan has gone back into a lockdown that doesn’t allow for incoming passengers, even in transit. This makes me wonder if they know something we don’t, but I can’t be bothered to consider that there will be more of this going forward. Surely it’s time to get back to ordinary life now. Regardless, this allowed for me to make a different plan. And as the day goes on and I think of it more, I find myself really excited about my next stop on my round-the-world tour (it seems). I’ll spend just a few days there before I’ve got to head back to work, but it should be just enough for me to see and experience something new and exciting.

I’ll definitely keep you posted.

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