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Andrew’s Last Year

I apologise for missing a blog yesterday. Apparently people look forward to reading these things. Who would have guessed?

Well I guess I can begin by explaining why I have not written since my Happy Monday. (No it is not because I did not sleep and am tired of complaining to my cyber-readers.) I actually slept very well last night – well enough to sleep right through my 9 30am statistics class, but we won’t talk about that. I figured my health is just a tad more important than my pretending to retain any information that flows out of the mouth of Ms. Over-Excited-Much.

It certainly did not help that it rained the entire day. I dressed appropriately, though, so I did not freeze or die of heat. (I told you Florida is indecisive.) It was definitely not exciting to be walking in the rain all day, but I got over it. I think I might possibly prefer days like today. Less crowds, and less sweating; I can work with that. I just have to invest in some water-appropriate shoes. When my feet get wet I feel absolutely gross.

Back to school, and what I actually have been stuffing my face in. Grammar. My fave. I can certainly see myself in a few weeks dissecting sentences by subject, verb, complement, prepositional phrase, conjunction, interjection.. until it drives both myself, and anyone else who observes it, crazy.

One thing I do have to say is that taking a grammar class and a foreign language at the same time is quite amusing. Why? Because when we were talking about the “to be” verbs that precede subject complements, I kept thinking of “estar,” which is “to be” in Spanish. Then I had to remind myself that this class is about the English Language. At least the classes are not on the same day.

Oh! Meet Andrew. He was your average college student with a pretty boring life. He is one of those undecided people who can positively answer your question only if it involves “what is your name” or “how old are you.” I made him good-looking though, so it is not hard for him to make friends. Mr. blond hair, blue-eyed, easily the-hottest-guy-on-campus, that I drooled over today is now my inspiration for Andrew’s physical appearance. Just saying.

So back to Andrew. Everything was boring and copacetic until he got a random pain one day, went to the doctor, and found out he has a year to live. The next episode? He drops out, takes loans, and heads to Japan !

Now I ask you this. What would you do if you had a year to live?

Stay tuned.

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