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Another Day, Another Move.

I was just getting adjusted and comfortable in my new job when we up and moved the entire office yesterday.

Everyone knows I love a change of scenery, but I’d at least like to look at the painting I got just barely a month ago before it is taken away forever.

The office was old, yes. And we were probably the only brick building left on Brickell, but I was definitely getting used to the downtown lifestyle. It made me feel like a part of the city’s livelihood.

I’d begun developing some habits too.

During my lunch break I often took a walk around the city, where there were restaurants and parks and places to sit and eat. I frequented Pizza Rústica, mostly for Pepsi than pizza, and the coffee shop for a cup of ice. I practiced going right across the street every week to deposit my paycheck almost immediately after I got it.

I enjoyed stepping out randomly to catch some fresh sea breeze too, which usually smelled of a combination of salt and fish that makes me want to be on a boat somewhere, and looking out my window to admire the high-rises and expensive cars that drove by.

Though a newer, cleaner home is always appealing, it’s not easy walking away from what you got used to — especially if it means driving further south every morning and no longer having a window in front of your desk to save you from the four walls. Not to mention the new building is not just for us anymore and the only place around here worth walking to is the gas station across the street.

I will adjust to the change, though, as I always do. And the in-house Cuban café is certainly going to help.

But until then, it’s business as usual.

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