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I realise that I never finished posting my story; the one about Andrew having one year left to live.

I figure since I only have 2 days left in this semester, I can go ahead and post out the story until I get back to Miami and actually have something to write about. What! You mean the girl who always has something to say, has nothing to say ? Not quite. I have a few things in my mind that I need to get in writing, I just have not found the opportunity to do so; perhaps only because I spent the last few days anticipating an email that I swear will never come.

Oh but I did go back to Daytona last night with the same folks as the last time. I took note that Daytona’s club scene is pretty dry, but they do have vibes. The club we went to this time was literally right next door to the last one. We also happened to pass the same “No colours” restaurant and noticed the sign still placed slyly in the window.

Another thing to note, it dropped to 44 degrees Fahrenheit while we were inside, and I almost died when it was time to leave. I totally forgot what it felt like to be freezing! Luckily, though, something told me to bring a jacket and it saved my life. I did wake up this morning with a cold, which I blame my friend for – who kept insisting I go home and take vitamin C and drink orange juice to avoid getting sick.

That was a total case of “talking something into being.” And for the record, vitamins make me sick.

Now back to Andrew:

At first, Andrew displayed a lack of emotion unforeseen for one who received such detrimental news; but his calm expressions belied his inner grief. He remained that way for days; acting as if all was copacetic, until finally the shock began to abate and his true feelings became ostensible.

He was going to die in a year. This put his entire existence into disarray, as he was excited to begin life on his own. He wanted to travel the world and experience new cultures. He had plans to fall in love, marry, and have a family. How could he possibly live out his entire life in just 365 days?

All of a sudden, Andrew felt the world on his shoulders. There was no one alive who could possibly console him; not even a member of his close-knit family.

No longer would school be his first priority. Instead, Andrew decided he would head for the bank to apply for a loan. He planned to use every cent of it within the next year to go wherever his heart desired.

His first stop: Japan.

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