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I had never seen as many people at the beach as I did on Wednesday afternoon.

It was the one day this week that was both warm and sunny and the entire Florida population of spring breakers made their way to South Beach for a much needed beach day.

When I approached the beach in the mid-afternoon I saw so many people that I swore there was some kind of concert. It reminded me of ATI in Negril Jamaica because that is the only time I am accustomed to such a large crowd gathering on the beach.

At first, the day was very confused. It seemed like the closer we got to the beach the cloudier it became. (Not to mention the high winds that were blowing away Fabian.) Right before we got on the bridge to cross over onto the islands, we were held up in a traffic jam. It was a convoy of two cars and the person behind us, whiplash, was following for directions. All of a sudden, she got a hunch and decided to take a “detour” in order to avoid the traffic.

I knew right away the detour would be a failure because there is only one bridge, but we decided to go along for the adventure since she was so convinced her GPS was telling her where to go. (I have a thing against GPS systems because I feel like people rely on them so much that they will never truly learn how to get around.)

In the end, after whiplash got lost, panicked, and waited for us to find her, we finally made it back on the bridge for traffic that lasted all of about 10 minutes, if that much.

Eventually, by the time we arrived, even the clouds went away and we were all able to feel like the beach was a good idea after all. The wind never really died down and the water was extremely cold, but being the mermaid I am, I had to go in there anyway and it started to feel really good after a while. My prima esposa was the only one with enough balls to brave the cold along with me and we acted like little children trying to jump over and dive through the never-ending waves.

Wednesday was a good day.

Yesterday was a little less eventful until about 4 o clock when father and mother dearest decided we should all go in the park and cook dinner. It reminded me of my high school days when we looked for any reason to have a family day in the park.

Applebee and I went on the swing, the parentals cooked and talked with some friends we coincidentally happened upon, and the boys played football. When the sign was given that dinner was ready, everyone dropped what they were doing and gathered around the grille and picnic table. By this time the sun had set and we had a “phone-light dinner” by the lake. After dinner, we headed over to the shotgun range where father, brother unlucky, Lue, and I all proved to be extremely rusty and in dire need of practise.

Still, it was all in good fun. At least now I know what I can dedicate myself to when I come home for summer vacation.

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