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Yesterday I turned 20.

I foresee it taking me quite some time to adjust to no longer being 19 since I always seem to forget my age. Nonetheless, I am now no longer a teenager. (Yes! That means teenage statistics no longer apply.)

I figured I could take some time to write about what I’ve learned in this past year, and then I thought about my blog. (The one titled Life Lessons.) I realize that I have expressed myself quite appropriately through this blog and I am grateful to Trinidad for being the driving force behind its creation. Granted, I thought I would have had more to say each month, but I am not discrediting the fact that at least I have been able to maintain it for a year, and hopefully many more to come.

There are many things I have chosen not to write about, and others that I should but haven’t gotten around to doing. Like the fact that I spent my weekend in Gatorland with Brother unlucky, my cousin and some friends to “celebrate my birthday.” It always takes Brother unlucky to give me a good story.

Here goes.

As you know from my sentiments, any weekend I get away from Borelando is a good weekend.

On Thursday I sent my friend Tal a happy birthday message, to which she responded, “I wish you could be here to celebrate.” Light bulb. So I made it happen. By Friday afternoon, my cousin and I were off to the Ville. That night, as part of her birthday celebrations we went to a party at a Hookah Bar thrown by the one and only Fingaz, brother unlucky’s roommate and partner in crime. I know, I know, my new year’s resolution. Remember, I gave myself room for special occasions. I still hate partying. But what can I say, peer pressure!

Saturday was a better day. It was more “Meisha.” We all went to a spring just outside of the Ville and had an amazing time. A carefree local retiree named Bob decided to turn his acres of property into a fun-filled park–free of charge. He set up picnic tables, slides, a zip-line, a volleyball court and some ropes, most of them leading to the wide river in his backyard.

The ropes were by far the craziest part. (That’s crazy in a good way.) There were some large trees right on the bank of the river from which about 5 ropes were hanging–some higher up and more insane than others. The ropes were tied in a huge knot at the bottom and a series of smaller knots where your hands would go if you’re sitting on the big one. Bob also set up some wood planks in the tree to stand on and ultimately swing from after grabbing the rope and holding tightly.

If you know me at all you know I was a mermaid in my past life. I absolutely love the water and anything that has to do with it. However, I have to admit that upon first glance, I was extremely terrified of swinging from the rope into the water. Perhaps it was from all the “warnings” I received just before I went that made me feel like maybe I should give it a second thought. Eventually, though, I snapped back into tomboy mode and let go of all my fears. And can I tell you, it was amazing! The free-fall after letting go of the rope was definitely the best part.

As for the slides, they were okay. I only went on one of them, one time, considering the fact that after emulating Tarzan with the ropes, the thrill of a slide was just not as exciting. Brother unlucky and everyone else did the slide a few more times than I did and some of them came back with battle scars from hitting the water in all the wrong ways.

Other than this random nature adventure, there wasn’t much more to the weekend. When it was time to go, I was quite distraught to see the gas needle in my car below E, aside from already not wanting to leave. How could that be when I did not drive Fabian all weekend and I left him with a little over a 3/4 tank. Did someone steal my gas? Did I have a leak?

I had no idea.

All I knew was that it was about to ruin my weekend. As if gas prices are not high enough already, who wants to know that the money spent on gas–premium at that–was in vain.

Fortunately, it wasn’t. Turns out my gas needle was just being retarded at the moment.

What a relief.

As for my actual birthday, I got a pretty self-made cake from an unexpected friend and a spur of the moment dinner reservation from my novia at an Asian restaurant nearby. ( Asian is only my favourite kind of food!)

That on top of the millions of messages, facebook posts, status dedications and phone calls were all I needed to feel loved and appreciated.

I am forever grateful.

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