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Breaking Point

I’ve got A LOT on my chest.

So, as a warning, it’s quite possible this will be a blog like you have probably never seen on here.

Here goes…

Lately, I have noticed that I have become really lackadaisical and somewhat of a pushover. Granted, I have always been quiet and to myself, however it never meant for a second that I would allow people to push me around or disrespect me. Yet, this is exactly the occurrence that has become frequent as of late.

And now that it has come to my attention, I formally announce that it will happen no longer. If you’re confused about what I mean, I can spell it out for you.

I’ve recently uncovered that there were a bunch of shady people around pretending they were basking in sunshine with me, when really they were hiding in my shadow. I’m quite aware that I may not have a massive group of friends or much of a social life at all for that matter, but by no means does it mean that I want you or your shadiness in my life. By far, I’d rather have ONE good friend than keep around some of you fake motherf_ckers who have been leaching off of me or my family. If you don’t really want to be a friend, and deep down you have nothing but bad intentions to go along with your bad behaviour, then take it elsewhere. It’s pretty simple really.

My heart is always clean and my intentions, pure. I make no attempts to hide this. So if you find that maybe you don’t fit in with that in your life then go find someone else who fits your lifestyle and moral code more closely.

And spare me.

As for people who feel they can pass their slick comments by my ear without me noticing it, in case you have yet to realise, you can’t out-swim a fish. Sarcasm was my first language and slickness came along as a bogo. You can’t seriously believe that I am not going to know when I am being disrespected slyly. (And let’s not even talk about blatantly, although I will say I appreciate those far more.) In the last few years I admit I may not have been as outspoken as I once was, so if maybe by chance you forgot, or simply don’t know who I am, allow me to reintroduce myself.

If you’re looking for someone to be rude to and get away with it, it won’t be me. If you’re looking for someone to be shady and fake with, it won’t be me. And if you’re looking for someone to listen to your incessant pathological lies, it certainly will .. not .. be .. me.

I will call you out with no hesitation.

I’ve got more than enough positive things going on in my life to not have the need, time, nor space for any negatives. So either you develop that shit into a photograph or get your camera and your film all the way the f_ck out of my face.

Oh, and if you feel this is about you then chances are it probably is.


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