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Can I Go to the Doctor Yet?

Evidently the new health care bill was passed by Congress the day before yesterday, so I am assuming that you have been expecting a blog.

I had all intentions of writing about this yesterday, but I never found the time. Still, a part of me feels one-sided for even having an opinion because I have no idea what the bill truly entails. (Excuse me if I do my research meanwhile writing this blog.)

I have, however, read a few articles on the matter, all with very ambiguous references to what the bill is actually describing. What stood out far more than the implications of the bill itself, were the 34 comments I almost died reading. The American people have proven themselves to be wholeheartedly selfish, yet again. I read about this bill being the beginning of socialism and communism, to hearing about the NWO and the plans for a North American Union, to “Obummer and his vermin,” “Hussein and his cronies,” “the Democrats from hell,” the “Washington Wolf-pack,” and “Oblahblah the Antichrist.” Evidently, the founding fathers are “turning in their graves” and “we the people” need to make a stand.

What a joke.

To refrain from putting my foot in my mouth, I will neither be for nor against this bill until I have read it myself. I do not know what all will truly be affected, and in all honesty, I am not sure any of us do. As usual, Congress managed to leave out the voice of the general public and keep the details of the bill largely esoteric. (If you have not realised as yet, we don’t have nearly as much power, if any at all, as we think we do by writing or voicing opinions, petitioning, or voting.) As evidenced by history, revolutions are the only methods that help us to get our voices heard.

Still, I am not fully convinced that this bill is the death of America the “free” and I am still trying to find out what is so “horrendous” about a North American Union. (Other than the Almighty America not being able to stand alone and bully the world anymore. Oh no! Say it ain’t so.)

In my opinion, a reform is absolutely necessary. I have always believed that if free health care can be effective in other developed countries then there is no reason why it could not work here in the US. Albeit, not everything that works overseas can work here, I do believe that if Congress had our best interest in mind, something could come out of this entire debate that would benefit not just the sick, but the working class as well –even if it is not universal health care.

What bothers me and seems to be at the forefront of the anti-health reform debate is the amount of power we will be giving to the government in reference to our health. (Of course it would not be as easy as giving us the freedom to choose whether or not we want to go to the doctor every year for a general check-up.) The conspiracy theory within me believes that this is an easy way for the Government to mandate the use of certain drugs and the distribution of vaccinations, much like what is already done now for college and high school students.

The idea behind free health care is good; but can we handle it? Can we trust that the government will leave us with our own choices when it comes to getting surgery, medicines, or chemotherapy? Will Doctors still maintain pride in their profession and vow to give their patients the best treatment possible despite their payroll?

I am afraid the failure of our country to provide its citizens with even simply affordable health care is due to the extensively capitalistic and greedy nature of this society. Upper class Americans would much prefer to leave the power in the hands of private corporations than in the general public–and with good reason. The Government has effortlessly continued to limit what we know about specific policies and programs, all with the underlying desire to maintain the corruption they have so long been dependent on, and keep the people largely ignorant and believing in whatever conspiracy he or she sees fit.

I have been told by my high school government teacher that officials do not get elected to instill “change;” they are elected to keep everything the same. One and a half years later, and with a different approach to presidency, Obama and his entire administration is being cursed and condemned for their effort to do something different. But the cliche “if it is not broken do not fix it” cannot apply to a system that is not working. If the average middle class homeowner cannot afford to be sick then something seriously needs to be fixed–and it’s not just their health.

It is not okay to remove a family from its house because the mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and the medical bills piled up and drove them to bankruptcy. I will never be too rich to understand the concept of empathy and compassion.

My advice to you, the general public, is that before you go about forming opinions about America becoming socialist, fascist, or communist, please be advised that in many respects, we already are a combination of all three. Why are you worrying about the government having access to your finances, when just a regular bank can clean out your account if you owe them money? I, an average citizen, can go online and find out where you live, what you do for a living, what you drive, where you work, how many people live with you, and what properties you own. Do not be fooled into thinking that anything much will change. If anything, this bill should open your eyes to what is already out.

The biggest problem with this bill is CAPITALISM. Not socialism, not fascism, not communism. Those who can already afford to be sick simply refuse to pay taxes for anyone else to be. The big protest has NOTHING TO DO with too much governmental control. No one has a problem if a private company tells you that they cannot cover your current medical bill because you did not file for it before you got into the car accident. No one has a problem with the company telling you that you had a root canal five years ago so now that you have a heart problem you cannot claim it on your insurance. No one has a problem with the plethora of diseases that MediCare will not cover.

So what is the difference?

There is a chance that the bill can work out. Jobs will be provided, and in due time the average pay check will be higher. There is always room for improvement and sometimes a change is necessary. But you have to drop the pebble in the water before it can move.

I promise you Mr. Big Business, that one less Maserati will not send you to the emergency room. And if it does, what is left of your 10-digit pay check should be able to cover the fees, if any, from that minor heart attack.

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