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Day 1

You see some weird stuff when you’re on a road trip at 9am on a Saturday morning.

Who Skydives in the city ? Someone does apparently. I should have taken a picture, but we were pretty fascinated because it looked like he was going to land on the highway. That would be a disaster. But he was headed straight for the i75.

The next strange sight, someone who decided to exit the highway and drive on the grass below. I think he realised he made a wrong turn and was trying to get onto a different highway. He was driving right by the pond on some wetlands. There is no way that is legal. I feared the car would sink and that person would be another news story on top of the “skydiver who lands on the highway.”

Another person who gave me a story today is the person who decided to write in the sky.


He or she already spelt Dios, which is God in Spanish, and team. Trying to heal the world perhaps ?

Anyway, it is a pretty awesome concept. We could not see the culprit, all we saw were letters being written in the sky. How do they do that? What do they use, and what kind of coordination could you possibly have in the sky? It is perfectly in line, the letters are the same size and everything. Crazy.

On the contrary, to disturb the light-hearted pointlessness of this blog, I thought I’d write about my overly agravating, headache causing, hell-raising first day in my new apartment.

I am just going to sum this up in the most basic of words. One roommate is a smoker, and the other – who I have yet to meet – has a live-in boyfriend who was here to greet me as the “security” for the dorm. This is a 4×4. Not a 5×4. He has been illegally living here for four months.

This DEEPLY upset me because I specifically mentioned when signing the lease that I have terrible allergies – bloody noses included – and I refuse to sneeze constantly for another year. What’s more, I do not feel comfortable living with a 6ft something Nutty Professor look-alike who is 25 years old and is not in school. I am only 5’2, 115lbs, and not very intimidating.

His mention that he has seen me “somewhere” (he gave specifics) made me feel entirely too uneasy. I live 3 hours away, and I have not been up here since April. (Let me remind you, he does not go to my school.) The fact that he has “a photographic memory” to the extent that he can mark my face is very creepy.

Friendly as he may be, he is not supposed to live here.

It upset me enough that my 3 old roommates whom I signed the lease with in January are living together and I am the unlucky one who was separated. The four of us and my mother will be going to the leasing office first thing in the morning with our list of complaints. Mother dearest is especially displeased. Had they emailed me my information like they were supposed to, I would not have to be in this aggravating and stressful situation the day before classes begin.

I hope they are ready for what is coming. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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