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Did You Miss Me?

I am going to blame my most recent and longest hiatus on two things; World Cup and summer school. The latter, and perhaps most annoying, will no longer work as an excuse though. As of Friday, June 25, summer classes finished.

Truth be told I was only taking two classes, but they were online, and not nearly as exciting as the classes I took last summer. One of them, though, was “Magazine Writing” which–needless to say–I did very much enjoy. Toward the end of the class we were instructed to write an article of any topic and actually submit it to a real magazine for publication. Exciting or what?

Since then I have been debating whether or not I should publish the article on my blog, or if I should even discuss the topic. For some reason, I feel like it should not be published here before it is published in a magazine. (Crosses fingers.) Makes sense, right?

Anyway, on to the controversial history-making month long greatest show on the planet–World Cup 2010: Live from South Africa. I have barely missed a match since it started three weeks ago, mostly because the boyfriend and Pops are here. In true Me-Him style, we are cheering for two different sides; him against my side and mine against his. (Viva Espana!!) His team, Brasil, is the team that arguably 80% of Jamaicans cheer for. How boring! Where is the competition when everyone is cheering for the same team? The funniest part to me is that im sure Brasil does not love Jamaica half as much as Jamaica loves them.

Still, there are many things about the World Cup that have caused controversy. The USA got cheated out of two goals by Refs claiming off-side, meanwhile England didn’t get a goal that clearly should have been counted. And who can ever forget the embarassing 7 nil that Portugal gave North Korea. (Did Spain really lose to Switzerland!?)

The team that has done the worst, in my eyes, is France. (But England is giving them a run for their money.) Did they even score one goal? From what I can remember, Anelka was too busy cussing off the Coach who was too busy not shaking the other Coach’s hand after his team lost. Evidently, FIFA can ban them for shit things like that. Shame on the French.

Brasil plays Chile in half an hour and I hope it is a better match than the one they played against Portugal. No doubt that match fell into the top 5 most boring of the season. (And I cannot stand Cristiano Ronaldo, who seems to think the team is named after him. Selfish much?) There I was thinking it was going to be one of the best matches thus far.

The surprises never end.

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