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Don’t Influenza Me

I feel like over the past year my immune system has completely died on me.

I also feel like I have written way too many blogs about being “sick.” (I am still going to mention that I spent all day yesterday wallowing in my own self pity and weakness and wishing that I really do not have the flu right now.)

My lovely prima esposa came to my rescue as my night nurse with some theraflu and some dinner. Very much appreciated. I worry that she might have caught my disease, and if so I assume the tables will be turning within the next few days.

Anyway I am still not feeling my best, but I do have something to smile about. (Other than the prospect of my long distance love being not-so-long-distance anymore 😀 ). That last test I was late for in Grammar class turned out to be a success! I managed to pull off the only A in the class, by which my teacher used to curve the grades for the rest of the class – which she kept complaining were terrible. How lovely did I feel? Just delightful. Especially since I turned my test over right after she said “the highest grade was a 91,” and saw a 91 printed very neatly on top of my paper.

The nine point curve was not that helpful for the rest of my classmates, but I, on the other hand, cannot remember the last time I got 100 on a test.

Then, the best part is that the guy next to me – who when we came out of the test last week had to mention to me that “it looked like I was struggling over there” – got such a low grade that the letter won’t change even after the curve. I bet he felt like a real jerk when we swapped test papers. But hey, I never told him to insert his foot into his mouth on that lovely Wednesday afternoon.

Nonetheless, this causes for a celebration. (As soon as I get better that is.)

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