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Enslaved by the Dollar Bill

Allergies have plagued me all of my life. But aside from itchy eyes and a few sneezes here and there, I pretty much never got sick.


Now that I started working full-time every day, however, it seems like sickness just plagues me.

I write to you today with a massive headache, a runny nose, a sore throat and an immune system on the verge of influenza. I also write to you today from my office.

You never really realise how deep you’re going in it when it comes to working, until you start working. By this I mean there really aren’t many shortcuts or days when you can say eff class, I don’t feel good. Or it’s raining hard and I don’t want to walk on campus. Or I overslept so I may as well just not go.

This is the real world.

You wake up sick, and you better take your sick ass into the shower and get ready for work – just like you do every other day of the week, and every other week of the year for pretty much the rest of your young and healthy life.

With that, I just have one question: whose idea was it to make a work week 5 days and a weekend 2? And WHY!? I mean if you think about it, the way society has it down, we are supposed to spend basically the first 65 years of our lives learning how to work, preparing to work, and then, ultimately, working. Every. Single. Day. Eight hours a day (if you’re lucky). Five days a week.

What kind of life is that, exactly? You have to wait 65 years to be able to just wake up in the morning and do nothing but admire the world you’ve been living in for decades without ever getting a chance to even appreciate? A world that neither you nor your ancestors created by working?

What the hell.

How is anyone genuinely supposed to relish being awakened every day at 6:30 a.m. to leap out of bed, get ready, force feed, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially they make money for somebody else … And then turn around and be grateful for the opportunity to do so?

Working all your life to afford things you never even get to do or use? Even if you have all the money to do all the wonderful fulfilling things you have always wanted to do, do you even have the time?

Oh wait, I forget. Two weeks vacation out of 52 weeks a year is more than enough to get in everything you missed out on for the other 50 weeks in the year.

That’s right.

I say it all the time and I’ll say it again; we’ve got this thing called life all wrong. But we’re so caught up in the routine, most of us don’t even realise it until it is too late, if at all.

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