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Exercise, Anticipation, & Time Acceleration

Hello March! How long have I awaited thee.. (Okay not really. But for the shortest month of the year, February sure felt super long.)

On the contrary, though, this past weekend went by very quickly. It actually caught me slightly off guard because usually anticipation seems to slow down time. That factor urges me to try and find something to look forward to and not look forward to all in the same breath. In the case of the mysterious “last weekend in February,” I am both looking forward to Spring break next week and not looking forward to a presentation I have to do this Wednesday. This must be why the weekend flew by as quickly as it did.

Either way, I will list out the events of my weekend for you.

On Thursday night I went bowling with a few friends and applebee. She is a new character on my blog world. Some of you might know who she is and some might not. Either way, you know me; I do not use names on my blog. So fellow bloggers and readers, meet applebee. She lives in my neighbourhood, her father and mine went to high school together back in Jamaica, and she is also my future roommate. So you will be hearing more. (I always knew my nicknaming skills would come in handy one of these days. If you don’t have a nickname from me then you should worry. Otherwise one is coming very soon…)

After bowling, of which I am terribly inconsistent, I came up with the bright idea to head to the movies for the midnight showing of The Crazies, which was scheduled to come out that Friday. I looked it up on my handy dandy Blackberry and found that the premiering time on Friday was 12 30am. When we got there, the movie theatre looked terribly empty. Still, being optimistic, we walked up to the doors only to find that it was closed. Continuing to be persistent, we lightly knocked banged on the door until we caught the attention of the man behind the desk. He came out to let us know that the website was incorrect because “the only one [they] endorse is Fandango. So all the other sites do not get updated. You actually aren’t the first ones to come over tonight and try to watch that movie.”

Question mark.

So as not to be a complete waste and with a little white lie that we “came all the way from out of town for this” we managed to get 4 free passes to go back and watch any movie we would like. I guess that makes it all better.

After that slight disappointment, we were left with nothing to do besides what every group of drunk or bored persons in college does after midnight—go to Denny’s. (What is funny to me is that I have been there so many times since freshman year and I absolutely do not like the food.)

Still, the best part of these early morning restaurant visits are the laughs, so for those who don’t exactly like to eat, just sit back and observe and you will surely be entertained. Applebee and I laughed so much and so hard that the whole restaurant thought we were high. Why high and not drunk? I’m not sure. My guess is that when you are high everything is funny? Either way, if anything, we were just high off life and definitely not drunk. Nonetheless, it was a fun night.

On Friday I managed to wake up early enough to catch my 12:15 p.m. spinning class. I felt great afterward and spent the rest of the day doing all my homework; which included projects, essays, quizzes, and online activities. Later in the night CaribSa had a lock-in, of which I was hesitant about attending, but am very happy I did. I played games that made me feel like a child again and managed to work up a sweat and wake up super sore the next morning. Who knew freeze tag and red light green light were such a workout!

Through my soreness on Saturday, I still managed to pull it together and head to the outlets for more walking around. What was even more amazing was that I managed to not spend more money than I needed to. I went for jeans and came home with jeans. Unfortunately, the jeans were not purchased at the outlet mall. So what did I go there for? Well, I left with three new gym tights. I saw jeans but luckily made a much better buy with some clearance jeans from American Eagle. I still call that a success.

To end my weekend off right, I went to church on Sunday morning and then went to visit my uncle. I brought my cousin (eek, she has yet to be nicknamed!) and applebee. We ate, I slept, woke up, and ate again. Having family nearby is the best; and so was the food.

Now for another intense week of spinning, right before I get to go home to more family and more food. I missed the spinning class this morning because by the time I got there it was too full. (Filled with all the girls who think one week of spinning will prepare their bodies for spring break bikinis.) They forced me to go to a pilates class instead; but that class is for girls. So I have decided to go back to spinning at 4:15 p.m.; even though I am still sore from Friday.

One thing is certain, this time I will make sure to be early.

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