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For The New Year

I have heard that sharing your New Year resolution is a shortcut to not achieving it. Some people say it is bad luck to share it, just as it is to share your wishes at 11 11 and over your candles at your birthday party.

I do not believe in luck; I believe in blessings, so here goes my resolution:

For 2010, I plan to do two things.

1. Read the bible from front to back

2. Stop partying

In my defence, and for those who do not know me personally, I can probably count on my hands how many times I go out and party in a year (the summer would make me count my toes as well). Still, I always find that going out is most of the times not fulfilling. I often go through such stress just to get out of the house that by the time I am on the way I am ready to go right back home and get into bed.

Back in high school, I made it my goal to go to sleep at 8pm—or there about—every night. But wait, before you throw a fit, I was forced to wake up at 6am every morning. I always felt like no matter how early I went to sleep, being up before the sun would forever make me feel as if I did not get enough sleep—that is until I started going to sleep at 8. Being on the swim and water polo teams made me even more ready for bed by the time I got home from practice, ate dinner, and took a shower. (Homework? What is that? I am an A student, so let us just move on.)

As far as the partying, and aside from the fact that I would rather be sleeping, I will go ahead and list out the three reasons why I have decided to make it a point of change for the year to come.

1. The Outfit

For some reason, I am always compelled to go out and buy new clothes before I can go anywhere. Then, when I do end up wearing that outfit, it is practically dead—Miami gives me the feeling that I cannot wear one outfit more than once (luckily, I still have Jamaica and Orlando). Also, I have so many outfits in my closet that I have yet to wear, because I buy them to go out and then end up staying home. Some of my friends can attest to the fact that I have yet to wear my 17th birthday outfit despite the amount of times I have put it on or packed it to wear somewhere. This factor makes me feel extremely materialistic and too focused on worldly things.

2. The Time

All things considered, being on time is practically a cultural and unavoidable problem. However, people are normally motivated to be on time or early if the incentive is money. This means that when a party is free before a certain time, those who are wise will try their best to get there “for free.” When your sibling is brother unlucky, though, timing has to be thrown out of the window. The free incentive for girls is not motivation enough for him and his male friends to be ready when we are. I always stress myself out over this factor and get myself into that “why do I even bother” mood. Why should I have to spend $20 when five minutes ago the same thing was free? That’s like seeing a sign that says “free diamond Rolex” in the distance, and then it gets taken down right in front of your face as soon as you get close enough to touch it.

3. The Actual Party

I spent my last Saturday night sleeping in the car while everyone else was inside enjoying themselves. I did this in order to not be a kill joy, and also because I found myself unable to breathe amidst my recovering bronchitis, the cold weather, and the cigarette smoking. I also found myself rather bored and bbm-ing inside the party for the short period I was there. In all honesty, that nap was the best part of the night. I put the chair all the way back, warmed up the car with the heater a little before I turned it off, grabbed the nearest jacket, and went to sleep. Even though my nap was great, had I known the way the night was going to play out, I would have chosen to stay home (my bed is far more comfortable than the chair inside my brother’s car.)

Usually, I only go out when there is a specific party I always enjoy or when it is a special occasion, but sometimes I allow others to convince me that the party will be enjoyable and those are the times when I do not enjoy myself. I am beginning to believe that I have to be mentally prepared—a few days in advance—for everything the night will have to offer in order to have fun.

Next year, I will not have these problems.

I have always said that I would much rather have a few people over, play a game or two, and just sit around and enjoy their company. I stand by that now more than ever.

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