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Goodbye Scary, Hello Redundant

After two workouts yesterday I swore that I was going to sleep like a hibernating polar bear last night; but that was certainly not the case. In fact, I actually found myself tossing and turning for quite sometime.

The 4:15 p.m. spinning class was very intense. I am not a huge fan of working out any time after midday, let alone in the evening, but I weighed out the pros and cons and decided it was better than nothing. (I was actually so tired this morning that I went to the 4:15 p.m. class today too.)

I still had that feeling of being on top of the world after the workout, only to come home, shower, and then go to the movies. (Yes, I finally went and saw The Crazies, but that had nothing to do with my not being able to sleep.)

In reference to the movie, I have to say I was quite disappointed. I have always been a scary movie kind of girl. To me, they are always more amusing than they are scary, but I still enjoy the dark scenes and thrilling music.

Unfortunately, after the movie last night I am now left to worry that my beloved scary movies have also surrendered themselves to this overly used theme of “the ending of the world.”

Being a slight conspiracy theorist, I find it strange that I am actually becoming quite annoyed of these scare attempts at convincing the general public that the Government is going to “depopulate” the planet through use of contamination or that the world is going to end in a sudden giant tsunami, earthquake, fire, hurricane, or any other natural event I have forgotten. Whether that is true or not (which is something I am starting to care less about every day) is one thing, but to succumb me to that type of mind frame when I just want to be innocently scared out of my underwear is appalling, for lack of a better word.

Am I going to have to start watching those stupid chick flicks in order to get away from these themes? I thought I was safe by staying away from science fiction movies and those that boast some sort of “natural disaster as the end of life as we know it” in its previews. I mean how bad is it to just ask for a classic scary movie that entails ghosts, psychopaths, murderers, or crazy little Asian babies. I want something that pops out of the screen, or kills that one white girl who decided to wander through to the mysteriously opened doorway; and I don’t want the end to conclude that it has anything at all to do with a planned operation by government officials or by God himself!

What a drag. Hollywood is disappointing me movie after movie. Maybe the real reason I could not sleep is because I was so annoyed–partly because of the unexciting movie and partly because of my inability to move my body parts too quickly without divulging an unattractive groan accredited to my extremely sore leg, back, arm and abdomen muscles.

At least now I know I have something else to look forward to that wont disappoint me nearly as much as that movie did–spinning.

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