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Great Greeting

I love going to new places, but I think I am beginning to hate travelling.

Constant delays, annoying passengers, unorganisation, and endless waiting are not a good combination for an impatient person like me. I am beginning to wonder why I still patronise Air Jamaica. They seem to be the only airline that would keep you waiting for 6hours in the airport, or take forever with your bags.

As if I was not already upset about having to leave, it annoyed me even more that my carry-on was put in an overhead compartment on the back of the plane while I was seated in seat 6e. This meant I had to walk all the way to the back, past all the other impatient and inconsiderate folks to retrieve it when the aircraft landed. There were no bathrooms to be found after entering the airport and I really had to go; but I was forced to wait in the immigration line first.

Then, when I got to baggage claim I was surprised to see that they were selling carts for a dollar. Either I am really late, or they are really ridiculous. Charging for carts? When did that happen? Because of that I figured I’d have to walk with all 3 bags just as I did last time, but thanks to popularity, I saw a friend of mine who was able to help.

My next issue? I don’t have my house key. That would not have been a problem if my mother made the flight, but she lucked out and got an extra day in paradise. Now I have to go from constant companionship to sleeping alone in a big house tonight. (If I find a way to get in that is.) I’m hoping the heavy rain I came back to will make my sleep easier.

On the plus side, I plan to sleep for the next five days. My body is on strike.

Ps. I am getting my emails now. 🙂

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