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Happy Monday !

Aha ! ‘Tis a Monday, the day of the week most commonly scorned. Au contraire, I have something to smile about today. Yes, you guessed it. I slept last night.

Thus, today was a good day. Or so it should have been.

I went to sleep last night around 2 a.m., to wake up this morning at 7:45 a.m. Usually by then I am already up and running anyway; but this time I had to wake myself up to get ready for school. (I call that a success.) Of course the day I decided it might possibly be okay to wear jeans, the weather decided to play with me by exuding extreme amounts of humidity. I almost died with all the walking I did in that heat. So what does that mean? No gym for me today.

I was actually supposed to go to Water Polo practice, but my ride left me hanging on to some invisible rope, and now that it is 6’o’clock and I have gotten no response, my hopes of reliving my high school days have been shot to hell – at least for today. If it was not a water activity, I am not sure any other physical activity could get me out of the house until the sun goes down.

Florida’s weather is so indecisive.

On another note, I still managed to go through the day being extremely tired. I am thinking the last week of no sleep caught up to me. But wait, I have to explain how I finally got to sleeping.

The Miracle:

During a phone call last night, I ended up bursting into tears after finally deciding to just let it all out. The news I have been getting lately deserves a few tears, but for some reason I just took it all in like I have no emotions. I hate crying, but I had no control this time. I felt as if all of my cataclysmic internal thoughts came flowing out with the tears. I also hate telling people what goes on in my personal life, but I am glad I have someone I can confide in anyway, and he made me feel much better in the end. So after the verbal diarrhea, I slept like a baby. I cannot believe that was all it took.

Loneliness is deadly.

If I were living with roomies who were actually somewhat into conversation and meeting new people, or if I were living with my old roommates, I am sure I would not have missed out on that much sleep. We would have had our heart-to-heart one night or the other, where we all talk about the weight on our shoulders in an attempt to lift them, and then cry like little babies while listening to slow music.

I miss those days. These days I spend by myself, in my room, not really doing much of anything if it is not schoolwork.

Speaking of schoolwork, I have to write a story for my grammar class and I have absolutely no ideas. It can be about anything at all, which should be easy enough, but my creative juices are not flowing.

Any suggestions?

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