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Headless Chicken-ing

Yesterday was incredibly stressful, to say the least.

Why is it so hard to find a decent blackberry for $130 from Craigslist ? Because it is Craigslist. I’ve spent the past week juggling school, trying to sleep, trying to salvage my social life so loneliness does not kill me, and the most stressful part, TRYING TO FIND A BLACKBERRY.

Now, I know what you are thinking. How can I expect to find one for so cheap. Well, finding one was not the problem. The problem was that most people decided to just ignore me. I am still trying to figure out why. I figure if you are really trying to sell something you should pay attention to your buyers. It is just common etiquette, don’t you think?

Then for those who did get back to me, it was either sold, being sold “right now,” or the add was supposed to be removed. From this, I have concluded, everyone in Orlando wants a blackberry. I literally sat on my [blackberry] all week on Craigslist refreshing the page; throughout class, my sleepless nights, and everything in between. It was so ridiculous that I even had to venture onto the South Florida and Gainesville listings in hopes that they would have something to offer.

Well, I will say that I saw some very good offers, and that those people actually got back to me. (Good ol’ M.I.A.) So that meant I had to send the money down there and rely on one of my good friends – who I appreciate very much !! – to drive around and hunt for me. Horrible. Turns out, the pictures did way too much justice to ones guy’s 8310 and to sum it up, I was not going to pay him $115 for that.

Eventually, I just got frustrated, felt bad that my friend was wasting his gas for me, and just decided to stick to Orlando. But the story does not end there.

The rest of this is like a movie. The lovely fellow I was supposed to meet yesterday at 12:30 p.m. was nowhere to be seen. He told me before he left the house that he has no cell phone, and for obvious reasons, I told him to meet me at the student union – the most public place I could think of. I figured somewhere with plenty of people would work perfectly, but as it turns out, we were both there looking around for over half an hour, and never met up. (Too many people perhaps.)

Had we done this, my headless chickening (as I call it) could have ended at 12:30 p.m. yesterday, after almost a week. But my life likes to be much more adventurous than that.

After wasting my excitement and 45 minutes of my day, I realised that I had scheduled to meet with another bb seller at 3 at the library. So after class, I did just that. I examined it, or so I thought, and decided it was worth the $80 I was offered. That is, until I got home and realised the camera does not work. Shoot me in the eye. Thankfully, though, the $80 guy was not a jerk about it, and allowed me to get back my money.

How could I not have checked the camera? Maybe because I was so happy to just finally buy the damned thing and be done with it. In return, I had to swallow my pride and call back the fellow who drove all the way to my school with his wife and children to sell me the phone, and who ended up thinking “it was some sick college-kid prank.”

Here is the best part. My adventure to Mr. 12:30’s house. Being car-less, my first feat was to find a ride. Thankfully, I have a good enough reputation that I was actually loaned a car for the night. I am not a big fan of driving other people’s cars, but desperation does not look good on me.

I have to say, his car was by far the most amusing part of my day – I am definitely going to come up with a name for it. No air condition, windows that cannot be rolled down, and non-existent head lights (or rather we will call them head-dims.) The good thing? It drives, so I drove it to pick up my friend because there was no way I’d be going to a man’s house at 10 p.m. alone.

Good thing I got the company.

At first, his wife’s friendliness was creepy, to say the least. “Come inside and close the door. We’re not going to bite.” They were outside waiting when I pulled up, standing by the “kidnapping van” that was in their driveway. You know, those white vans that are in all the action movies involving kindappings, drugs, or some other high-tech, top-secret, mission.

The neighborhood was not terrible, but of course they had to live on the deadend road. Driving by the “no outlet” sign made me feel like the star of a scary movie. Thankfully though, they turned out to be pretty okay. So okay that they gave me a jump. Yes, the car battery died on me right outside of the house. Would you believe it? If something did not go wrong, I would not be Meisha.

Now I bet you are wondering, where does my headless chicken-ing end? To answer you, I do not know either. I love the phone thus far, but of course I do have a complaint. It is locked. Completely locked. It says I need a password to get into it, and I have no idea what that even means. Mr. 12 30 says all I have to do is carry it to At&t and they will surpass that, and I sure hope he is right. My time, and patience are wearing thin. The phone has to be sent off on Sunday, and I still have to unlock it for use with a Digicel simcard.

So if it does not work, I think I might quit life.

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