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Healthcare Starts in the Kitchen, Not At the Doctor

Well, I didn’t plan for this to be my first blog of the year, but hey .. life happens right? (And trust me, there have been lots of happenings so far in 2015 lol.)

At any rate, it’s been a while since I came on here and shared some good news! So, as part of my continuation from my Instagram post, here it is (you know I can’t leave you guys out):

I purposely keep my IG page pretty impersonal. But I feel today like I need to share with you all the two-year journey I’ve been on toward healing and my ultimate success! I’ll spare you all the details, but 2 years ago I found out that I was dangerously low on RBCs. At first, I panicked and filled the medical prescription right away. I was so desperate to feel better and I found myself doing the very American thing of going for convenience and swiftness (Microwave Generation) rather than taking the longer, but better, route. But thankfully, shortly after I decided to ditch the pills and heal myself naturally. This morning, my doctor called to tell me that everything looks normal with me and it honestly felt like the biggest victory of my life. (And by the way, I’ve been feeling better for quite some time now, I just never had tangible proof of improvement until now.)

So why am I so incredibly proud of myself? Because I healed myself on my own, by my eating habits alone. I didn’t take any medication. Or any shortcuts. I changed my eating habits and literally ate my way out of needing a blood transfusion. And I enjoyed every bite!

The disclaimer: I was never an unhealthy eater and I never did get into junk food. But once I started educating myself on nutrients and variety in the diet, what each thing does and where it comes from, everything went uphill. (If you know me personally, you know I sit and research things all day… maybe to a fault lol.) I leaned more toward a vegetarian diet, gave up chicken entirely, (and liquor lol) and expanded my diet to include things I never used to be able to eat, much less enjoy. And I know how counterproductive it sounds to give up meat when you’re needing iron, but that’s only because we’ve been brainwashed into believing that eating meat is our saving grace. It isn’t. And here I am to prove it to all of you.

I know I harp on it all the time, especially on Twitter, but I’ll say it again and again: Healthcare starts in the kitchen, not the doctor’s office! Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love. Food is vital and food is delicious—but it should never be addicting. Your body should never yearn more for junk than for nutrients. And if it does, then your signals are off and you need to rewire before your body forces you to—and trust me, it will.

Your health is important to me, even if it isn’t to you. I can care enough for the both of us, but I can’t force my care into your actions. I can only encourage you to eat well and realise that every single part of your body is functional. My health issue may have been easier to correct, but don’t ever underestimate the power and function of the human body. I personally know people who have cured cancer through diet. Broken bones heal on their own. Blood clots so we don’t bleed to death.. Give your body a chance to heal itself and function smoothly, the way it was designed to. Put good in, get good out.

This is definitely a small victory for vegetarians every where.

P.S. I’m thinking that nutrition classes should be mandatory in post-secondary education. We, as a society, definitely need a little help where that is concerned.

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