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Hello October

Finally! September is over . I am very excited to move on to what October has to offer; since September was no good.

Still quite bitter about The Commercial, my friend and I are planning to write a letter to Michael Moore. Sounds a bit crazy, I know, but we are excited. I am sure he likes getting emails about his work anyway, I mean who wouldn’t?

I have actually been hesitating to make a new post because I would love for more people to read that last one. As for my friend, I’d like to add his bit:

“Being the “great friend” who introduced Meisha to Michael Moore’s Sicko I guess she felt it fitting to contact me when she had seen that horrific “Anti-FREE Health Care” commercial. As soon as she mentioned it instantly the feeling of disgust came creeping back to me as I was also fueled with rage. We briefly discussed writing a blog or a letter to Michael Moore himself, even though the latter doesn’t actually affect anything it was the simple fact that he highlighted something so important in his documentary that I personally believe all American people should see: We are supposedly the world’s biggest SUPER POWER but yet American’s all across the country are suffering from the lack of a proper health care system. You have people in this country that hate the job they do everyday but they subject themselves to staying in that very same job because of the health care benefits. How many of these people do you think know that they still have to get approved to receive care and the more severe the illness/disease is the less likely they will get approved to be treated?

Its time that the people, the masses realize that the powers that be do not care how many of us survive, they do not care about how healthy we are as a people nor the longevity of our families. The private corporations who capitalize on our current health care system would love to see things stay the same because they know they are overcharging us for simple medicines or “check ups” at the doctor. I mean how many people without health insurance have taken a trip to the doctor for a minor illness (from a chest cold to random unwarranted aches and pains) only to have your doctor tell you that you should take some Advil/Excedrin/Tylenol and then find out that your bill was anywhere between $100-$400 (and I am being very generous with those figures)? Or even worse, have your doctor prescribe you his OWN medicine which even seems like the better alternative because it is actually cheaper?

This has all got to stop! I want the masses to remember that we voted in Obama because he represented CHANGE, so if things are not going to change for the better then why did we go through all of that trouble to vote him in? Lets not fight against Obama because by all rights he is actually trying to do what he said he was going to do and I applaud that. He is the first President I have seen in a long time who honestly seems like he wants to fight for the masses and not just the few wealthy millionaires and billionaires in the country. Our population stands at over 300 million right now and I am telling you this without a shadow of a doubt:

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 46 million Americans, or 18 percent of the population under the age of 65, were without health insurance in 2007, their latest data available.”

I am not lobbying for these Americans to go and get health insurance now but what I am pushing for is that the masses wake up and support their President with his Health Care plan in anyway they know how. We cannot sit idly by while these already wealthy people capitalize on the demise of the rest of the population. This is our country too, we share it and I will be damned if I let some wealthy privately owned corporation fund an “Anti-Free Health Care” campaign while I say nothing. I may be one person, along with Meisha it makes two of us but we have voices, computers, the internet, pen’s, pencils, paper and through one or all of these mediums we will be heard! Its time we the people make a difference….”

– Alexander Day

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