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Home to the Yayo

I finally went home this weekend and it was much needed.

Contrary to your first assumption, no I did not go home for Valentine’s Day. I do not even know what that is. I went home to celebrate the first birthday of a little princess by the name of Amelei (you will be seeing her on my super sweet 16 in a few years).

I also went home to see my family. I hadn’t seen brother unlucky since last year, and I actually missed him. (I know, don’t keel over in your chair. Drink some water, you’ll be fine.)

The trip ended up being amazing. I brought 2 friends with me from school and only somewhat went against my new years resolution by going out on Friday night. I say somewhat because technically it was a special occasion, and I know I gave myself room for those.

My cousin and two of my friends were celebrating their birthdays and they organised a huge VIP list for all of us. My brother and his roommate did not get the chance to upset me this time around because I decided form early on that I was not going to wait on them to party. And what a free night it was. Even they ended up accidentally going through a side door, slipping past the bouncers at the VIP, and the ones in the VIP that was in the VIP. (Yes, there was a regular VIP and then what we called the V-VIP.)

My girlfriends and I also managed to get into V-VIP, but we did not do it illegally. We accidentally ended up at the entrance of what we did not know was another separate section, and before the bouncer had time to finish saying “You have to be 21. Where is your band?” someone my friend knew came with a handful of bands and just gave them to all four of us.

Needless to say, we were back and forth between the two sections for the first part of the night. We had to wish people happy birthday, show our faces, and then went back to the designated spot. My roommate from Orlando had a blast, as did my friend who never ever goes out, and of course we cannot forget about prima esposa.

All in all it was a great weekend. As usual I did not have nearly enough time to see all the people I needed to see, and with Fabian parked at my apartment he was of absolutely no help. I had a kalooki night, which almost goes without saying, but everyone who was supposed to be there never made it. Why? Well, for starters I said 10 p.m. tentatively and never got home until after 11, so those who don’t know how we operate were probably waiting for us for hours. I suppose that is the reason.

So the big question is, who went home with bragging rights? No one did. Bragging rights stayed right where they should be.

My house.

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