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Homecoming is the Least

I am starting to wonder if sometimes I overreact, however I am interested in anyone who would like to refute that.

I say this because I gave my schedule a rest over Veterans’ Day, and got up yesterday to try again. Funny enough, all the classes magically appeared, mostly with one spot left. I now have 12 credits, three classes of which are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and one that is online.

To me, this sounds like a very loose schedule. Quite possibly I can have some very fascinating and nomadic weekends. On the other side of the spectrum, I might also spend plenty of time being extremely bored. Either way, I think I will have far more motivation to make something of my college life.

Most definitely, I am most excited to do Water Polo in the spring. Finally I can get off my lazy ass and do some physical activity.

Somehow, perhaps due to the excessive walking I have been indulging in, I managed to lose a few more pounds; bringing me back to a delightful 112. When was the last time I was that small? High school !

Speaking of getting off my lazy ass, I have been quite the productive student these past few days. I finally put my application essay for the School of Journalism together, as well as my portfolio of high school newspaper articles. I plan to bring the paper to my grammar teacher on Monday before I turn it in next week. Can you say anxiety? I can.

Though I have successfully managed to get smacked by my classroom door, and burnt on the eyelid by the egg I was cooking this morning, I am still having a pretty awesome week.

This is delightful.

P.S. This weekend is UCF homecoming, so I think I should enjoy another weekend! Not to mention, mother dearest and brother unlucky are both joining me in Orlando. Two good weekends in a row? I think God is with me now more than ever. What more can I ask for.

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