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I Can’t Breathe Through My Nose

Let me begin by saying UGH! (It is really more of a sound than a word, or rather to the Grammar folks, an Onomatopoeia.) Either way, that is the one word that explains how I have been feeling these past few days.

As if Jamaica is not hot enough already, these hot flashes and cold sweats are really giving me a hard time. I do not want to blame my outing on Friday night for my feeling this way, but unfortunately, the cool night air did in fact perpetuate my problem; so much so that I had to leave early. I did manage to catch Jasmine Sullivan, Keri Hilson, and Ne-yo while I was still fully functional.

Sinus allergies never seem to leave me, though. I have been blessed so many times that I think I should have won the lotto by now, or at least found some money lying around somewhere.

Throughout my entire freshman year of college, I managed to sneeze my way into bloody noses waking me up every morning for a week straight. I know, TMI. But waking up because you are draining blood all over your pillow is just as disgusting as it sounds. Not what I bargained for as my first year’s dorm experience. I’m thinking either there was some kind of mold growing beneath the walls – because they swore up and down the air vents were brand new – or my nose truly dislikes me.

Anyway, I am finally home from a long day of sneezing, sweating, and sniffling, and what am I going to do now?

Go to the beach. And yes, I do plan to swim.

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