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I Forgot What This Felt Like

I spent all day in bed.

I would start the description of my day by saying “I woke up at..” But the only problem with that version is that it is not real. To spare you from going down that path one more time, I will just move on from there. (As much as I hate medication I am beginning to consider the melatonin suggestion from Optimistic Pessimist.)

Today is (or should I say would have been?) the birthday of Michael Joseph Jackson. So, of course, every station that is any station was showing some kind of story or documentary or movie in reference to him. As a die hard MJ fan, I managed to watch about three of said programs from the comfort of my bed. It is a bit embarrassing, but I will admit that quite possibly I shed a few tears.

In between all of that I also tried sleeping, but my attempt at such a feat proved an epic fail. Go figure. I am thinking I should have just went to the water polo practice like I had planned to, so my day would not have been a complete waste. I am also slightly upset with myself for completing all of my homework from yesterday. I know, I am a loser. Whatever. Having homework to do beats sitting around all day. It is pretty sad when “taking a shower” becomes your most entertaining activity for the day.

Hopefully something can magically come up for tonight. I might not be much of a night person, but it is better than nothing.

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