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I Wonder.. Can Excitement Kill ?

It is 8 p.m. and I am still in bed. What have I done today ? Nothing.

First of all, let me say, I hate waking up in the middle of the day. What a waste it is to roll around and see 2 o’clock printed on your alarm clock. Makes you want to just hop out of bed and get ready to leave. But where to? After all, it pours everyday in the sunshine state.

Anyway, have you ever played kalooki? Pronounced kah-loo-key. I’m not sure how, where, or when this game was originated, but I have to tell you, if you want to pass time – enjoyably that is – gather a GOOD group of people ( I say good because you are gonna be staring them in the face for a while.. Would hate for you to have the mental image of someone anything less than good ) and a few decks of cards, and you are on your way to the ultimate time passer. Any number more than 4, and you are probably going to be sitting down for about 3 hours; so please, get a comfy chair.

Needless to say, my guests were late, so this game lasted until about 4 am. Hence, the reason why I woke up so darn late today. This also explains why I am in bed at 8pm, by the way. Have I gotten out of it? Yes, yes I have. I managed to get up and make breakfast ( or should I call it lunch? Dinner perhaps?) take a shower, BREAK MY TOE, and get back in bed.

*Pause* I presume this is where I explain the “break my toe” incident. Well, it is actually pretty simple you see. I ran into my bed. Don’t make that face! It hurt.. A lot, thank you very much. And no, my eyes were not closed.

So let us jump back to last night. Not to list out the order of the games we played or anything (Cranium, Kalooki, BS, Pass Around Donkey). I have come up with a list of “What I’ve learned.”

The List:

1. If you want Jamaicans at your house by 7 p.m., tell them to come for 3 p.m. That way, when they get there by 8 p.m., you would be just about ready to cater to them.

2. Don’t invite people over your house without food – or alcohol. (Bad host, I know. But we are in a recession, haven’t you heard?) They will raid your pantry, make Turkey sandwhiches, try to eat 3 water crackers in one minute, ( which is humanly IMPOSSIBLE ), and drink out all of the Appleton VX that your mother just got and didn’t open. All in good fun of course. And how can we forget the midnight 3 medium 3 topping pizza delivery – that was finished in a record time of 3 minutes or less. Who knew medium pizza’s were so small? Thank you God brother for your treat. 🙂

3. If you are going to bed when the sun is coming up, don’t expect to wake up any earlier than 2 pm. ( Yes, that really bothers me. ) On the contrary, if you want the days to go by faster -waiting on a special 1:25 p.m. flight in 3 days or something – then going to bed late can help you! But, you have to be like me. When I say that I mean having the ability to sleep, sleep, and SLEEP.

4. If you plan on allowing your guests to bring their computers, please be prepared with the D-link password.. IN ALL CAPS. It is case-sensitive. Oh, and prepare yourself to hear, “your grapes are ready, can I harvest them for you?” Facebook Farm Town. Welcome, my name is Meisha. Make yourself comfy.

5. Kalooki ruins friendships. Oh yes, it is that serious. This goes back to my statement about a “good” group of people. Don’t bring any newbies who happen to be kalooki masters, to come in and beat the owner of the house and his guests. That makes for an angry night. Maybe your friend should just watch.

6. Listen to the house rules when playing kalooki. You don’t want to miss-lay in the last game when everyone is playing down-and-out. You will just count up and then lose your spot. Unless of course, the people who were infront of you had to count their cards as well. Then you might be lucky if they had a high hand.

7. Cupidity: noun. Eager or excessive desire. It really has nothing to do with love.. Or matchmaking.

8. I can’t think of my eighth. But I am sure I will be adding to my list of do’s and don’ts as the summer continues. Plenty more kalooki games and late nights where that came from.

**Random-ocity. ** Yeah, I totally just made that up.

– Don’t pack over a week in advance. The excitement is enough to drive you crazy!

Now, just to bust your brain a little bit. How can you cut a cake in 8 slices with just 3 straight cuts of the knife? And it is a round cake. Don’t google it. Try and figure it out. 🙂


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