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It seems like everybody these days is chasing the light. I was too. So when the shadows came, I was ill-prepared.

2019 was the year of the shadows. I dove so far into myself. Into my darkness. And it was UGLY. I hid away from the world for most of the year because I thought everyone would see it too and run. Some did. Most didn’t. Who cares. Here I am now. Me and myself. No more hiding. I aim to be wide open. In the light, hand in hand with my darkness. Son guiding me as he always does. Warming me up. Showing me the path forward. And I’m walking it.

I’m going.


I went. I wrote that note ☝🏾 to myself on 14 December. Just after I landed in India.

I spent the next 12 days in silence at a Vipassana meditation centre in Kerala. I sat with myself in meditation every single day for 10+ hours. At 4 am when the gong beat, I didn’t always want to get up. But I always did. That feeling of resistance doesn’t last. Like all feelings, all bodily sensations manifested by the mind, it was impermanent.

There is beauty in impermanence. This much I have come to physically experience. Like the sunset, things are constantly changing. Constantly moving. We are constantly in motion. Can you feel it? Nothing stays the same.

Take peace, and a warning, in that.

And may you all experience real peace; real happiness this year and beyond.

Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam.

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