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Today begins the highly anticipated “Memorial Weekend.”

Since my last post many rumours have been circulating concerning America’s presence in the Caribbean country of Jamaica, as people wonder why one man–Christopher Coke–is worthy of so much trouble and media attention. Being as open as I am, I can say that some of these theories are harder to believe than others.

Still, I am not writing today about the situation at hand, though I am sure you can understand that since the event is right in my backyard I am very much affected by it. Nonetheless, those who are abroad can only watch and wait as the events unfold. In the meanwhile, I will update accordingly. (I’m a little happy about it because it gave me something interesting to write about.)

This weekend I have all intentions of enjoying myself fully. Many of my friends are coming in town for the holiday weekend and most of them intend to party, party, and party some more. Of course, as my new year’s post indicated, partying nonstop is not my favourite thing to do. I much prefer to take advantage of the fact that everyone is in one place and have some sort of game or kalooki night and maybe spend a day at the beach if the weather permits.

I’ve noticed that the weather has been insanely bipolar all of this week, but I am hoping the rain can hold up for the weekend. Last night we had a mini-hurricane which started very sporadically after an otherwise sunny blue-sky day. Just the same, after dimsum with my cousin the day before, we decided to waste some time by walking around in the mall a little.

When it was time to leave we noticed that the great flood was outside. Being the badass person that I am, though, I vowed to go and get the car for her since we left the umbrella in there. Needless to say, I was soaked; and my poor little feet slopped through the inches of water beneath me.

I was never one to be afraid of water though, after all I am a swimmer.

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