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It’s All Esoteric

Sometimes I like to think of myself as a Conspiracy theorist.

I tend to believe in, or rather not completely dismiss, all conspiracy theories and all kinds of esoteric agenda’s amongst those in power as long as there is a documentary or well-written and supported article to back it up. Maybe it is because I truly believe that all power corrupts.

Who better to partake in secrecy than those who have the power to keep it that way?

Though I have no intentions of plowing the fields as an investigative journalist, I am leaning more towards being an editor, I still sometimes go out of my way educate myself on certain things that perhaps I should not be so eager to delve into. I am even a bit wary to write about it. Nonetheless, I will. (Typical journalist, no?)

Remember those videos I told you I was introduced to by a friend? Well, I still have not gotten around to watch the last few, and to be honest I believe I have purposely shoved the idea of doing so to the very back of my mind. But today, I was reminded of them and their content by a friend whom I least expected to be wary of it. (Come to think of it, I am not sure I remember how the conversation even came up.)

It all started the night of the MTV Video Music Awards. I am not sure where my head was at when I first watched it, but what I can tell you is that I practically changed the channel after the Michael Jackson tribute.

I cannot say I regret not seeing the entire award show, but I almost feel like I should have at least seen Gaga’s performance. From my understanding, she had blood on her? I am not sure how this award show did not get crazy publicity for her performance, other than the diversion of the staged controversy between Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

I know I am super late on writing about this, but forgive me. I just happened upon the article today. Read it with an open mind. Ciao

The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

And if that didn’t give you goosebumps, or at least something to think about, maybe these will.

Illuminati Part 1

Part 2

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