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It’s Sunday. And I’m Still in Europe

I woke up this morning and took a train back to Italy to try and catch a mysterious flight out of Milan that goes directly to Miami in the evening. I would get to Miami exactly 20 minutes before the clock strikes midnight. If it works out, thank you universe. You literally gave me until the eleventh hour and for that, I appreciate ya! As always.

But if it doesn’t. I’m probably going to take up residence in Italy. It would literally be cheaper to stay and live (illegally of course) than to book a last minute 6,000 USD flight back to the states.

I don’t love it there that much. I don’t miss my bed that much either.

Those aren’t the vibes we want to send out though, of course. In a few hours I’ll be 30,000 feet up in the air and mentally preparing myself for work tomorrow and for coming back into the reality I have left behind. Hopefully, in business class with some free meals, a bed and a movie to watch. (I discovered that the other book I brought I’ve seen the movie for it already. So reading it isn’t going to be that much fun, but I started it anyway on the train to Milan.)

After I settle in and roll out the blogs I’ve already written, I’ll put together another detailing all the things I’ve learned on this journey, all the people I’ve seen, in list format. I’m excited to share all the mishaps with you all in the form of “here’s what I did wrong.” Or maybe … right.

Look out for it.


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