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It’s That Time of Year

Yesterday was one of the smoothest days I’ve had for traveling in a while. (Well all except for the lady in the airport who tried to make a scene because we left our check-in bags at the front of the line since there were 6 bags and only two of us. Oh, and the tragic accident that caused my dad and my hubby’s mum to be about half an hour late to pick us up.)

We had to wake up at 4 a.m. to catch the 8 o’clock flight. It sounds drastic I know but blame that on the check-in-2-hours-before-departure-for-international-flights policy. The best part of waking up so early–note my sarcasm–was the 20 degree weather. (The 18 degree windchill helped too.)

Like the adapter I am, I decided, perhaps foolishly, that I’d just rough the cold from my apartment to the car in whatever I felt was appropriate to wear in Jamaica. (I didn’t want to get off the plane looking like an eskimo and an idiot in boots, gloves, and a coat.) That meant open-toed shoes, a sleeveless, and a light jacket.

Not the best idea.

Going back and forth and up and down the stairs to carry all six bags took way longer than expected. And I must have forgotten that I was still recovering from the flu. I hope those few minutes of freeze won’t cause my sickness to come running back and ruin my first week here. (Deja vu anyone?)

The cold I can deal with; but the 20 mph winds were less than thrilling. Surprisingly though, my body was fine with the light jacket. But I think I was one minute away from catching frostbite in my toes.

As for the actual flight and timing and such, I was quite satisfied. Jetblue made a pretty good first impression. The hubby and I got to watch Despicable Me (the cutest movie ever) which lasted the entire flight. A much better way to cuddle up and enjoy our first trip together than one with headphones and one asleep.

When we first got on board I was quite worried about the size of the air plane. I’d never traveled on a 24-row international flight before and it certainly made me feel uneasy. Thankfully, though, the aircraft did its job. Barely any turbulence and about an hour and a half later and I was home and happy.

And everything was smooth after we disembarked. No line for customs, no lie for immigration. The most we waited was for our rides meanwhile hearing of the Corolla that turned into a convertible which caused a traffic jam from one side of town to the other.

Since I’ve been home I’ve gotten plenty of jokes. Jamaicans never cease to amaze me.

My first request was a meal deal from KFC after I was picked up, as usual. I’ve been longing for a barbecue meal deal since the day I left. But this being Jamaica, or more specifically MoBay, I didn’t get my hopes up. It’s a regular thing to go and have them tell you there’s no chicken. (Yes!! I just said KFC has no chicken.)

Only in Jamaica.

So said, so done. They didn’t have the breast in barbecue, nor original. Just spicy. They also didn’t have barbecue for the famous bowl.


My day was still a success though, in terms of eating especially. I had a Jamaican-style jerk panini, my uncle’s famous jerk chicken, peppered shrimp, curried shrimp, and roast yam and saltfish. I expect to, though not desiredly, gain back every single pound I’ve lost.

But it’s okay because I don’t plan on turning down anything.

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