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Wow. This is horrible.

It has been a week and a day since my last post. It was about my broken Blackberry and how much I hate dislike it. Well, it is fixed now and I do not hate it as much as I did a week ago when I sat down and passionately put that blog together in about five minutes.

What is with me anyway? It is almost the end of September and I am only on blog number six. I actually wrote more frequently when I was on vacation. Who does that? How can I be a writer when I have nothing to say? Or is it that my life is so boring and monotonous now that I am in school, that it is not worth writing about.

Anyway, enough of that drag. I had my first statistics test today and I have to say it was pretty easy. We are allowed one sheet of paper, front and back, of notes to use on the test; so if I did badly it would be quite the disappointment. Like the smart student I am, and in preparation for my busy weekend, I made my notes sheet on Friday – and it did not even full the front page.

Speaking of said “busy weekend,” my birthday weekend was a success. Even though I did not get to spend it with my family, as I have always done, the people who I did spend it with made it very special. We went out on Saturday to a Jamaican club and then we went for Sushi on Sunday – which by the way was hilarious. (I know, 19 is just a filler year so what’s with the grand celebration? Well people seem to think birthday’s are slightly important. Maybe because the world is ending. )

After midnight the thrill was gone and I realised I had a test at 9 am this morning. I missed out on way too much sleep though, what with the non-stop phone calls and such. I am thinking to take a nap as soon as I am done writing then I plan to wake up and get back into school mode.

This is my first hell week. So it was a good weekend, but now it is back to the books. I have a test in every class and I have to begin reading “Bendiceme Ultima” for Spanish.

Wake me up when September ends.

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