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Lent & My Hiatus

Hello readers! I am back from my unannounced and unplanned week and a half hiatus from my lovely amazing blog. It feels like I have been gone far longer than simply a week. (Oh how I have deprived my readers!)

To catch you up on my life since last week, I actually feel like I have turned it all around. I have managed to keep myself fairly busy with schoolwork and a somewhat stable social life. I also have been going to church, though I did miss last Sunday due to an unexpected visit from brother unlucky.

As for me, do you know what time of year it is? It is lent! For all who are not Christian, this is the time when we prepare for Easter and Holy Week in which we commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus. As Catholics, we are to abstain from meat every Friday, as well as sacrifice something we love or use/do/eat too often.

Usually I give up a food item, but since I am already a starving college student, I decided to give up Facebook and Msn. This is probably why I have not updated my blog. I find that I only use my computer now for schoolwork, and the change is quite refreshing! I am not half as confined to my room as I used to be. (For those of you who are reading this in the form of a note on Facebook, no I am not cheating. I linked my blog to my Facebook and therefore the notes are posted automatically.) I realise that giving up Msn is far harder than giving up Facebook. In preparation for a harder withdrawal, I deleted the app from my Blackberry and stopped email notifications. Msn, however, still pops up every time I turn on my computer.

I feel like the next time I sign in to Facebook I am going to have 5 million notifications and 10 million friend requests, neither of which I am looking forward to.

Another habit that I picked up recently is going to the gym. I always told myself that once I get Fabian up here I would be more than willing to drive to the gym everyday. Now here I am, a month later, just getting to that. I took up spinning class which kicked my ass on the first day, but I am already beginning to master it.

Exercising, going to church, and getting good grades all make for a happy me. I cannot promise that I won’t take another long hiatus from my blog, though I will try my best to update as often as possible.

I’ve become pretty busy, but I cannot say I mind.

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