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Lesson.. Plans?

I’ve got a bombshell for you guys.

Are you ready for it?

I think … I want … to become a teacher. (Surprise .. !?)

I mean if you think about it, I spend half of my time correcting my peers’ grammar and punctuation, and the other half trying to save the world, which I still have yet to realise I cannot do single-handedly. So what better way to put those together than to be in a classroom?

I never really say it, but the first thing I ever wanted to be as a child growing up was a teacher. (After I realised that maybe being a race car driver like Natasha Chang with her Pink Evo wasn’t really a job.) And shockingly enough, I wanted to be a math teacher. Mathematics was actually my favourite subject, all the way up until high school when I met my dear friend Algebra 2, who turned me away from being a teacher all together.

What’s more, my mother’s mother was a well-respected teacher back in Jamaica, and my mother is on her way to becoming one as well. Funny how I never realised before that maybe being a teacher is just in my blood. Until now.. Maybe..

It’s still just a thought. A really recurring thought that is becoming harder and harder to ignore. I have been thinking about it for a little while now, and it’s becoming more and more tangible the more I think about it.

I have always felt like there is no job quite as rewarding as being a teacher. Even with my terrible goldfish memory, I can still remember the names and bright  faces of the teachers who really touched my life growing up. When you come across those who just have the passion and the love for being an inspiration to a child … It touches you. It touched me, at least.

It impacted me every time I went back to my high school to visit my old government, history, Spanish and journalism teachers. How they affected me so much that I actually still go back even after 4 years, and I can still clearly remember the words “NOBODY CARES” being written across the dry-erase board by my government teacher as he tried to teach us to take responsibility for ourselves when we go off to college.

And the other day, when I went with my boyfriend to a middle school to do a presentation, it really came crashing down on me that maybe this is how I am supposed to touch the world. As I sat there and watched them absorb every single word he said, I realised that the impact is real. Those children might forever remember the four guys dressed in suits who came and told them to have confidence in themselves and their abilities, and how be presentable for a job interview. Any one of them could be the next CEO of a big company. And it all started right there in that classroom.

I mean, sure, writing is my talent and my passion. But If I can help be a part of why a whole generation of children live (and write) well and grow to be future doctors and engineers and pilots and writers … What can possibly be more powerful and beautiful than that. I can single-handedly help reduce the frequency of shoddy grammar on social media in the future. ME. I can make that difference.

I think I may have found my true calling — and I’m feeling really, really good about it.

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