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Life Is A Menu

Last night I hosted another game of Kalooki.* *yes that is a link go ahead and click on it.

It never included the same folks as the last game I hosted back in the summer, but considering the fact that they are still Jamaicans, the 8 o clock game never started until 12—no surprise there.

There were only about 12 people who came, 9 of which actually participated in the game, and half of which participated in drinking out my entire stash of Pepsi. I spent most of my time turning a blind eye to the fact that they were using it as a chaser, and that there would most likely be none left for me to indulge in this morning. I guess it is a good thing that they did not perpetuate my addiction, and I did manage to go the entire night without even so much as a sip. (Yes, I do deserve an applause.)

In the end yesterday was a good day. Brother unlucky and I went to dim sum in the early afternoon and two of my girls and I did some catching up. The food was delicious and I had longed for the outing which was full of laughs as usual. The conversation was entirely too arbitrary but it was still good for the soul. I surround myself with such wonderful people.

After dim sum brother and I headed over to Grandma’s to decorate her Christmas tree. The afternoon had passed without her answering the phone, but we decided to go over there anyway. As it turned out she was unable to make it in time, but she came back to a fully decorated tree. I was thinking to leave a note that said “love, Santa” but the surprise factor had all but died when we found out she was expecting us. (But what a wonderful surprise that would have been!)

By the time we left her house we had time to come back home and relax a little and then people began coming. Kalooki is the only game that gets me competitive enough that sometimes I genuinely get either angry, frustrated, and annoyed, or extremely happy and proud. It was a good game though and I never needed to get too competitive.

Even though I did not win, I still went to bed feeling like it was a successful night. My brother finally met my best guy friend and I think they get along just fine.

As for today, I spent it trying to figure out if bad energy spreads the same as good energy.

Two of the people who were at my house until 3 in the morning had to wake up to catch a flight today. As the day progressed with me in bed, they both began to tell me of their traveling discrepancies – simultaneously – and mentioning that their trip is starting off horribly. I was even given the mental image of an airport filled with unorganized, impatient, and obnoxious passengers each carrying 10 bags and 5000 boxes.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate FLL airport? After being so used to Miami International, I cannot figure out how to properly transition from organization to chaos. The space between the entrance and the check-in desks is not enough to accommodate the millions of people who are now forced to patronize because Air Jamaica decided to stop going to Mia. Not to mention the fact that—if I remember correctly—bags are scanned in between check-in lines and I never quite understood why. I figure a normal airport would take the bag into the back and do it there.

I can only imagine how crowded and busy the airport was during this holiday season where Jamaicans from all over south Florida are trying to go home with Christmas gifts for their entire family. (I can also imagine the outrageous outfits some of them must have been sporting. That should have given my friends a good laugh in the middle of their frustration.)

In the end, all happened as it should have. In between trying to help them feel better I also spoke to some other friends and their morale was not any higher. At one point I felt a swarm of negative energy surround me. I started believing that my generation boasts far too much negativity and has a constant aura of bad energy. I know I sometimes get a bit down myself too but I try to stay as positive as I can.

It is far too hard these days to find someone who can uplift you, and it is the easiest thing in the world to find that most people do not genuinely wish you well. “Friends that do not help you climb will want you to crawl.”- Colin Powell

I found myself being the positive one today, and I will admit it was pretty hard. But I feel like it simply starts with a smile! As corny as it may sound, smiles send signals to both your brain and the brain of anyone else with whom you smile. They are the simplest and cheapest way to make your day even a little bit better. They turn the universe around to work in your favour! Try keeping your smile while you are in the worst mood, you will be surprised!

Remember that everything happens for a reason, and life is as beautiful and as amazing as you want to make it. As one of my friends cleverly said the other day, “Life is a menu; whatever you order is what will be delivered to your table!” – Robert Thomas

There could not be a truer statement. Oh and one more thing, happiness is contagious! 🙂

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