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Like We’re Dying.

On a more somber note, I went down memory lane yet again, and was haunted by a few past experiences.

I have more than once told myself that I have plenty of issues and baggage, but it is nothing I am dwelling on; and as my friend told me, we are not going to call them “issues.” We are going to call them “characteristics,” because if I give them the power of being “issues” then they have more power to mess with me.

I am a very strong individual. I have proved that to myself and those who know me best countless times. I do not think I have anything left to prove.

But enough about myself. I just read a blog from my fellow blogger, wherein her father just found out he has Leukemia. This deeply, deeply saddened me. I cannot fathom how I would be able to manage something like that, and I hope you can pray with me for her and her family.

It was just this morning I was thinking about the times when I lost people I was close to.

Over the weekend I had gotten my hands on a CD that I have not been able to listen to for the past four years. It reminded me of a time I try to forget, but am never successful. A time when someone was taken from me every month. A time when I thought I had cried out my God-given share of tears. It reminded me of how very much it hurt me that I never got to say goodbye.

This brings me to a quote that I have always kept in the back of my mind: “Life is short and time is precious;” because you just never know what tomorrow brings.

Be thankful for every day and every blessing.

Goodnight everyone.

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