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Love and Time

Sometimes when I think of God, I think of time. Other times when I think of God, I think of love.

Sometimes, I feel like God IS love, and everything else, all the other details and relatively meaningless things that we humans use to separate ourselves, don’t matter one bit. And when I think about it, about how we all try to find ways to make our God better than their God, it makes me sad — the way we hold to our beliefs with such hubris when all that really matters is what we are all trying to achieve: Goodness.

Love; in every religion, place and culture is the same. The only thing that changes is what we choose to love and how we choose to love. I believe we are born knowing only one thing, and it’s love. Loving is natural, meanwhile its polar opposites are learned behaviours. We have to be taught to hate, to separate, to judge.

And we all naturally have a moral compass, too. We all know what is right and what is wrong. We all aspire to be better people, whether better in each other’s eyes, our parent’s, our enemies’, our God’s, it’s the same goal. (Those of us with a conscience and no psychiatric disorders, of course.) It’s just unfortunate that we create so many loops and obstacles for ourselves and one another to achieve that goodness and become better humans. We weave them into our bibles, our social constructs, our perceptions, our judgments … anything to separate and rank. Anything to stop us from loving, selflessly and wholly.

But for those of us who still practise altruism, those of us who haven’t gotten caught up in the narcissism that is so rampant in the world, God comes to us in the form of time. He teaches patience and humility, and that too soon is just as bad as too late. He teaches us what to focus on, what to cherish, what we will never get back.

He controls everything, father time. He decides our emotions, and the emotions of even the earth. He decides how we look, how we act, what we do. It is up to him how long heartbreak will last, how long happiness will last, how long relationships will last. He decides our health, our strength and our desires. All of it boiling down to patience. Everything in its time and not a minute earlier. That is especially so for love. We have to wait for love, for someone whose patience and resilience matches ours; wait until we find our truth and ourselves; wait until Father Time leads us right into the arms where we belong.

But in the meantime, most importantly, we have to continue to love, even when it hurts. Even, most times, without getting a single thing in return.

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