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Love & Friendship

I feel like I am having a hard time keeping up with long distance friendships and a long distance relationship.

I have been here for a week now, a week that surprisingly did not go by as quickly as I had expected it to, and it seems as if I have not spent any time with my girls. But when I think about it, I have not spent much time doing anything. Seven days have passed and I can still count on one hand how many times I have been to the beach; and even then I still have yet to spend an entire day swimming and relaxing with my friends. Even though some of my fellow beach bums stayed in Florida I still do not consider that a valid excuse for a beach lover like me.

Still, I often find myself torn between hanging with the girls and hanging with the guy. Part of the reason why I feel like I have neglected my friends is because of my new year’s resolution. Meanwhile they were all at a party at 12:00am on January 1, the boyfriend and I were in church. We had mutually decided not to go to a party from a few days before, but were still looking for an ultimatum. That ultimatum came when we were at the beach and a friend suggested we go to church. He talked about how 12:01 never catches him anywhere else but church and as it turned out he goes to the same one I do.

It came to me almost as a sign because of the way it happened. (I imagined how thrilled my parents would have been about me going on my own. The church thing has recently been an issue within my household because I am at the age where I am questioning humanity, their hypocrisy, and the world from God’s eye.)

I also thought about the vision I had a few months ago where God told me I needed to start going to church again. Thereafter I could not convince myself to be anywhere else for the new year. Even when I went back to my bestie’s house after the beach and watched all of my friends get ready, I still resisted any urge I would normally have to go out and party. I hate to make exceptions, but had I gone out for new years I would not consider that as failing. I did give myself room for special occasions didn’t I?

Anyway, January first was the longest day ever. It was also the only day I spent hanging with the girls and the boyfriend. We went to my bestie’s mother’s house and spent the day talking, eating, and playing hide and seek. The latter one came as a joke but being as open as I am, and a bit nostalgic at times, I was able to convince everyone else to play too.

I guess it is not that bad since that was only two days ago, but it is pretty sad that one of my closest friends and I were in the same place today, and I had no idea.

Well, Happy New Year fellow bloggers and readers! (It irks me to see when people put happy new yearS. Why the s when it is only one year!)

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