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Love The Earth

I’ve been going through a lot of positive changes in my life that I now realise are mostly a result of all the bad events that culminated last year. I’ve often touted 2013 as the worst year of my adult life and for many reasons it was.

But for many, even more important reasons — it also was the most compelling.

And as life would have it, I didn’t realise the latter until the very end of the year in the midst of the subconsciously-mandated reflection time that comes in tandem with a new year.

Some of the changes I’ve been making in my life have been a gradual process, like my eating habits, for reasons I’ve listed out in my head and at times to others. But some of them came more as a sporadic calling with seemingly no reason or explanation behind it: I just woke up one day and felt the universe calling me to do something, so I did it.

Still, most of the changes are spiritual. My chakras are wide open. My sensitivity to energy from others has peaked. And my consciousness has elevated. I’ve detached myself from so many man-made unnatural things, and just the tangible world in general.

In one year everything has changed.

I’ve lost friends along this journey in the weirdest of ways, as if God himself came down and personally removed them from my life. I’ve had my phone stolen twice, leaving me refreshingly phone less for a while. I’ve had my heart broken several times in way too small a time period. I’ve explored abandoned parts of my island. I’ve walked away from a stagnant career. I’ve lost all of my money and stopped seeking out income. I’ve contemplated death on too many occasions. I’ve sought out professional help. I’ve reconnected with family members and redirected my energy entirely. I’ve lost interest in what I wear, in shopping for things other than food. I’ve sat around a bonfire in the middle of the night sharing stories and food with complete strangers. I’ve redesigned my thought process on relationships, both intimate and platonic, and essentially the world itself. I’ve  faced the reality of irreconcilable relationships. And I’ve gotten involved in giving myself and time to others who have no one — undeservedly so.

All of this, and more, in one year. One extremely turbulent but totally worth-it year.

Truth be told, sometimes all the changes make me feel like such an outcast. An extremist. A rebel. Someone who totally goes against the grain of everything society now stands for, who believes in things that only hippies or weirdos do — except for when I come across articles like the one I just read; articles that make me feel like I’m not so radical after all.

I like to keep my blog ‘me’, as evidenced. My thoughts. My words. My invitation into my universe. But every now and then I happen upon some writing that feels like a message from my own soul. It’s work like these that make me feel like our souls are so much more interconnected than we take the time to notice. We can literally tune into each other’s frequencies in the same way we tune into our favourite radio stations. All we have to do is turn up the volume and listen: listen to each other, listen to the earth, listen to our souls, listen to our bodies.

Everything speaks to us. The universe, or God, speaks to us every day. It’s just that we can’t hear it unless we’re on the right station.

But I’ll save the vibration talk for another day. For now, for today, I hope you take something positive from the article below, as I have.

Oh, and happy new year.

The link —->  The Man Who Lives Without Money


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