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Me, Myself and Europe

I have some treats for you guys! Owing to my recent trips.

I wrote some blogs on my phone. (And this time it didn’t get stolen.) So I will roll them out day by day for you to get a back to back to back hit of my adventures, though you will have to wait another few days until I’m settled back into the U.S.

Hopefully the wait is worth it! Most of them I wrote on the train to Switzerland—including this one. Only because it’s one time where I actually got to pause for a bit and relax. No more long trains to catch. No more buses to hurry after. No more lugging my luggage from city to city. It was my last stop. And I was ready for it. Because whatever travel mishaps lay ahead; whatever mode of transport I would miss; whatever overly small bathroom I’d have to shower in; whatever ridiculous amount of money I would spend on food—praying it’s not any more carbs or cheese—it would be the last of it all. And I. Am. Ready.

Of course that also means it’s the last of the adventures; the last of the awesome people I met; the last of the breathtaking views and obligatory introspection; and the last of the days of no work; of not sitting in an office staring at a screen for 8 hours. And even though I have to face the reality of another death when I get back (it happened the day before I left and I haven’t allowed myself to think about it), I guess I am OK with that because I miss my bed and I miss stability.

Plus, you can’t win them all, right? This trip has been amazing. And I feel more proud of myself than ever—even with my little screw ups here and there, mostly as a result of not following my intuition. I took on Europe by myself, and I made the very best of it despite my perpetual state of grief. For that, I am proud.

Let’s see what happens next..

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