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My Last Week and I Would Like Some Alone Time

Yesterday was very interesting. For once, I did not go to the beach. (No it was not raining.) Instead, I slept the entire day, until about 8pm when I got ready to go see The Ugly Truth. It was a decent movie aside from the relationship between the main characters being oddly familiar.

Anyway, this is not about the movie. This is about the fact that we lost power for a split second yesterday (welcome to Jamaica) and ever since then the internet has been down. This would normally be of no importance to me since I do not come to Ja to use the net (and also because I have a blackberry); but my problem resides on the “no internet, no free international calls” side of the river. Time is winding down here and I have important things to take care of.

Furthermore, if I get one more email from UCF during my vacation I think I am going to scream. They have emailed me several times regarding financial aid and items on my to-do-list, and I am not in the mood for another money cut this school year. I discovered new ways to save in my freshman year (Food.. Books? Food.. ? Books !) that kept me from the infamous “freshman 15” – I guess I should be thankful.

But by far, the worst email I have gotten, is from my statistics teacher Mrs. Cutchins. She decided to cut my vacay short by writing me about which books I need, “make sure it is this version and not that one” and sent me a copy of the wretched syllabus. Why thank you Miss Over-Excited-Much for reminding me that reality is sitting just around the corner waiting to slap me on the back and throw me in the car without a seatbelt. Did I mention it is going 200kph ?

To sum up my rambling: I need my internet, I need my financial aid, and most importantly, I need an Air Jamaica extension !

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