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My List Of Complaints

1. My job hunt was unsuccessful.

When I went to the financial aid office, they told me that “according to my records, I am getting too much aid to apply for work study.” (i.e just hold off on groceries and FOOD for maybe, possibly, another week – or until we decide that you’ve starved for long enough and now you can finally get your aid.) Needless to say, I am not too thrilled about that.

One thing I am not complaining about is the fact that after working it out personally, I realised I really am getting a good amount of aid this year. So, my pride was not that badly broken but he did make me feel like an idiot. Just a little. I am afraid to get too excited about this though, just in case it is all a lie.

2. I finally got my lazy ass to the gym. I did spinning and it was deadly. I swear I don’t sweat from any other exercise as much as I do in that class. I am going to be so sore when I wake up tomorrow, which I will not complain about. I always feel that if I wake up the day after exercising and I am not sore, I did nothing more than waste time and energy. Speaking of energy my arm muscles are very weak and I am having trouble typing, so this will probably be very short and to the point. By the way, I had no idea biceps are used for typing? I thought that was strictly finger action.

Complaint number 3. I STILL DID NOT SLEEP LAST NIGHT. When I got home I was so tired that I took the quickest shower ever, got into my bed – late at that because I had gone to a social event at school – and swore to myself that I would sleep well. Wrong. I woke up at 3am. I am going to spare you today from ranting on and on about that sleep thing. But seriously. If this workout does not give me a good night’s rest, I am going to have a fit.

My last and biggest complaint is that after spinning, I decided to step on the scale. Who told me to do that. Five weeks in Jamaica was enough to make me gain 5lbs. I know that might not sound like much but I was already 10 over my ideal weight before I got there. Now, instead of wanting to lose 10lbs, I have to lose 15. That just sounds like so much more than a mere 5lbs extra. (No I did not gain freshman 15, I actually lost weight my first year.) Oh, and the one person who’s opinion on my physical state matters was not very good at making me feel better. I always appreciate honesty, but his attempt to make light of the situation went a little something like this:

“So, you are 18 right? Wow. If you have to do so much work now, imagine when you get older.”

I know it was a joke, but I guess I am a bit more sensitive about this than I thought.

When did that happen?

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